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Civil War

After a tough fight in the Cave of the Nine, the PCs emerge to find Melchius Braeton, one of the League's top brass, waiting for them. He has a grave expression on his face and even worse news: the League is in the middle of a civil war!

Back Story

During the background events of The Coronation of Dia Tempest, Captain Gunderson, of the League's governing council, was brainwashed by Dia. Currently on the war path, Haven has taken over several nearby islands. Dia has finally turned her attention to Medusa Island, home of the League.

She arrived covertly on the island shortly after the PCs entered the Cave of the Nine, along with a small contingent of soldiers and Magaro, currently in human form. In disguise (at the insistence of her soldiers), she made an appointment with Captain Gunderson “to discuss current events and an opportunity of great importance.” As he entered the room, she dropped the hood of her cloak and Captain Gunderson reached for his sword.

Being unarmed, she backed away quickly, but managed to exclaim, “Please help me!”

Captain Gunderson immediately lowered his sword and responded, “Yes, my queen.”

To his personal shock and horror, he found he could not disobey her. This quickly became apparent to Dia, who immediately hatched a plan.

She ordered Captain Gunderson to take over the island, quell any rebellion and then hand it to her. If he fails, he'll at least have kept the League busy for quite some time. If he succeeds, all the better. She expects him to fail.

Then she disappeared as quietly as she appeared.

Adventure Synopsis

  • PCs exit the Cave of the Nine.
    • They're greeted by Melchius and updated on the current situation.
      • Captain Gunderson has the militia and many adventurers on his side.
      • Ellora Rayna is leading the resistance.
      • Elsa Fowler (a solo adventurer) is trying to get both sides to listen to each other.
        • Guild Master Rayna is willing to listen, but she isn't being allowed to speak with Captain Gunderson.
          • Slayer is getting in her way, as it considers her to be a fool.
      • Aside from Sebastion, the Hazard Harbingers are absent.
      • Melchius claims that Captain Gunderson is behaving very strangely.
        • He suddenly declared that Guild Master Rayna should never have been on the council and demanded her removal.
          • The rest of the council refused.
          • They want no war with the Shadowed Eyes ever again.
        • Two hours later, his militia men stormed into the Spire and forcibly ejected the rest of the council.
        • Adventuring Party is simply following the hierarchy (Captain Gunderson was the head of the council, after all).
        • Slayer is an old friend of his.
        • Terrible Trio was swayed by the argument of Karen Gammon, due to her long-standing rivalry with the Guild Master (her sister).
  • Melchius asks the PCs to stay neutral.
    • He wants them to try a diplomatic solution.
    • Alternatively, they could try to bring Captain Gunderson to his senses.
    • Sebastion will stick with the PCs, for the time being.
  • League HQ and central Medusaare a war zone.
    • Civilians were evacuated by the Guild Master and the city watch are keeping them out.
      • Most of the refugees are in Adventurer's Rest, Bull Head and Severed Serpent.
    • Both sides have ordered restraint; no one is to kill anyone, if at all possible.
    • The fighting is currently in a stand-off and both sides are working on strategy.
    • The Goblin Tent City is organizing for war.
      • The leaders of the suburb are looking to capitalize on the sudden instability.
    • Golem troops (including a siege golem!) from Arcanusare gating in via the Tower of Wizardry.
      • The Wizard's Guild doesn't like what's going on and is planning to put a stop to it, forcibly.
      • As soon as Melchius finds out, he'll put the PCs in charge of them.
        • He wants the Wizard's Guild to stay neutral, but considers himself too involved to take command of the golems.
    • The PCs end the stand-off, one way or another.
      • Negotiating won't work until Captain Gunderson is cured.
      • Fighting will lead to a tragic loss of life, no matter what they do.
      • The Goblin Tent City attacks just as the situation is at it's worst.

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