There are many religions to be found in the Archipelago.

The GM may easily insert whatever religions desired into the setting with relative ease.

There are a few that require special mention and detail, as they're unique to this setting:

Religion Allies/Type Enemies
Believers of the One Haven/Members Nearly Everyone
Brotherhood of the Drunken Fist Alcoholics/Members Local Communities
Children of the Gear God Gnomes/Members
High Flyers/Members
Children of the Shadow Shadowed Eyes/Members
Law Keepers
Cult of Profit Local Communities/Business Partner
Druids Order of the Unseeing Eye/Friends
Followers of Iocus Entertainers/Friends
Practical Jokers/Members
Nearly Everyone
Guardians of the Eternal Flame Dwarves/Members
Winged Elves
Law Keepers Legal Defense Front/Friends
Children of the Shadow
Openers of Death's Door Enemies of Undead/Friends Natural Zombies
Sisterhood of the Healing Hands
Order of the Unseeing Eye Druids/Friends
Servants of the Magus Wizard's Liberation Society/Friends
Wizard's Guild/Members
Sisterhood of the Healing Hands Nearly Everyone/Friends Openers of Death's Door
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