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Hazard Harbingers


The Hazard Harbingers founded the League of Adventurers a few generations back. The original members of this group retired long ago (except Sebastion), but handed the reigns of the League to others.

The Harbingers are still around, with young adventurers filling vacant positions as members die or retire. Being asked to join the Harbingers is considered the greatest honor the League can bestow on an individual.

The top brass of the League carefully choose members for the Harbingers that are the best of the best. However, this also means that they get all of the toughest jobs.

The Harbingers have always been sponsored by and reported directly to the League's governing council.

Current Status

The Hazard Harbingers currently have five members: Owen Teran, Dominic Wolper, Nelia Eyre, Sebastion Clay and Randzig Hodgedar.

Owen Teran is a Centaur and the group's main fighter. He is incredibly strong and has been known to dish out as much damage as some small siege engines. He spent several years in the League's militia and then retired from that position, due to a tendency to lose himself in a fight.

He tried his hand at adventuring, where this was actually somewhat helpful. He specialises in melee combat and is a true terror to face. He rose through the ranks quickly due to his unwavering, near-obsessive loyalty.

Dominic Wolper is the team's second fighter. At first glance, he seems to be little more than a regular teen-aged fellow. In situations where battle is likely, he takes on his true form: that of a demon! Then he proceeds to tear his opponents apart with his claws, teeth, etc. Despite his demonic nature, Dominic is among the most trusted adventurers in the League. His loyalty has been confirmed through good times and bad, as well as magic.

His story is a bit of a tragedy, but to summarize, he fell in love with a human woman. This woman was killed by his demon allies. He turned on them and tore most of them to shreds (some survived and now seek to ruin his life). Now he works with the League, because he has nothing to return to and he rather likes humans anyway.

He is rather blood-thirsty and somewhat sadistic, but these traits are almost always directed at his enemies.

Dominic is the current leader of the Hazard Harbingers.

Nelia “Coon-Skin” Eyre is the group's archer and thief. She appears to be a cross-breed of Elf and raccoon, but this is due to a Mask of the Racoon that she rarely removes. Without the mask she's a High Elf. Nelia is the most recent addition to the group. She hasn't yet fully gained Dominic's trust, because she's a kleptomaniac. He recognizes that she's doing her best to give up this habit, but still keeps an eye on her. Her tendency to eat from garbage bins and the like has been a big put-off for the rest of the group, as well. Most suspect that she's been wearing that mask far too long…

Aside from all this, Nelia tends to be very callous and cruel. If she has the time, she'll torture her opponents instead of finishing them quickly. This is often used as an interrogation technique by her companions. (“Tell us what we want to know or we'll let her have some fun!”)

Sometimes they take an alternate approach some might call bad-cop, worse-cop, where Dominic starts torturing a prisoner, then hands them off to Nelia while he “takes a break.” While he's away, she pulls out all the stops. Finally, he returns and begins asking questions with the threat of handing them back to Nelia if they don't talk.

Sebastion Clay is the group's wizard and he's a priest in the Cult of Profit. He's also the oldest living member of the League, having been in the Hazard Harbingers since before the League of Adventurers was formed. He would be the leader of the group, except for the fact that he doesn't want the job. Being a Grey Elf, the years haven't been as hard on him as they have on his companions.

He wears a suit of full-plate armor at all times, due to a magical accident that occurred years ago. The armor is apparently enchanted heavily to keep him alive, due to the effects of this accident.

Sebastion has spent years studying the nature of mana itself and has subsequently gained the ability to funnel mana into himself at an incredible pace. He is willing to teach this technique to anyone with the patience to learn and a willingness to pay the high price he demands. So far, he's had only two students outside of the Wizard's Guild (whose members he teaches freely), namely Gwen Bystrom of the Terrible Trio and Catherine Tempest, a young woman of the royal family of Haven. Catherine was lost at sea before her training was complete.

The last member of the group is Major Randzig Hodgedar, the group's priest. He's a retired Chaplin in the Tinker milita and an expert with submachine guns, a form of Gnomish firearm. Many a monster has fallen to a barrage of bullets from his weapon. He's also quite good at hiding in underbrush.



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