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Lilliam "Lilly" Branche

Name Lilliam “Lilly” Branche
Player Information
Player NPC
Campaign Islands of War
Created On Oct 30, 2008
Race Pixie Height 6 in Hair Brown, Curly, Long
Gender Female Weight 0.12 lb Eyes Green
Age 27 Size -6 Skin Pale
Birthday December 7 TL 4 Hand Ambidextrous
250 points
Attributes 68
Advantages 140
Disadvantages -99
Quirks -2
Skills 87
Spells 0
Race 56
Earned 0
Strength (ST) 4
Dexterity (DX) 13
Intelligence (IQ) 12
Health (HT) 12
Will 12
Fright Check 14
Basic Speed 7
Basic Move 2
Perception 12
Vision 12
Hearing 12
Taste and Smell 12
Touch 12
Damage (Thrust, Swing) 2d+2, 5d-1
Encumbrance, Move & Dodge
Level Max Load Move Dodge
• None (0) 125 lb 2 11
Light (1) 250 lb 1 10
Medium (2) 375 lb 1 9
Heavy (3) 750 lb 1 8
X-Heavy (4) 1,250 lb 1 7
Lifting & Moving Things
Basic Lift 125 lb
One-Handed Lift 250 lb
Two-Handed Lift 1,000 lb
Shove and Knock Over 1,500 lb
Running Shove and Knock Over 3,000 lb
Carry on Back 1,875 lb
Shift Slightly 6,250 lb
Hit Location
Roll Where - DR
- Eye -9 0
3-4 Skull -7 2
5 Face -5 0
6-7 R. Leg -2 0
8 R. Arm -2 0
9-10 Torso 0 0
11 Groin -3 0
12 L. Arm -2 0
13-14 L. Leg -2 0
15 Hand -4 0
16 Foot -4 0
17-18 Neck -5 0
- Vitals -3 0
Fatigue/Hit Points
Current FP
Basic FP 12
Tired 3
Collapse 0
Unconscious -12
Current HP
Basic HP 8
Reeling 2
Collapse 0
Check #1 -8
Check #2 -16
Check #3 -24
Check #4 -32
Dead -40
Traits Points Ref
5 B39
Beautiful, +12.
+2 on reaction rolls; +4 with men
12 B21
Charisma 1
+1 to Influence rolls
5 B41
Combat Reflexes
Never freeze; +6 on all IQ rolls to wake up or to recover from surprise or mental stun; Your side gets +1 to initiative rolls (+2 if you're the leader)
15 B43
Ring of Giant Strength
Can Be Stolen (Must be forcibly removed), -10%; Magical, -10%; Unique, -25%.
Human sized; worn loosely around the waist, hanging low on the left side; looks like a bunch of silver fibers woven into a belt
Lifting ST 21
35 B65
Striking ST 21
58 B88
10 B97
Ailurophobia (Cats)
CR: 6 (Rarely).
She was once batted around by a house cat
-10 B149
Dependant (Family)
Point total (0 or fewer points), -15; Appears fairly often (9-), x1; Group, x2; Loved one, x2.
Daughters, Lilith and Jessica
-60 B131
Duty (League of Adventurers)
FR: 9, -5.
-5 B133
Intolerance (People that pull wings off of pixies)
Scope: Occassional, -2.
-2 B140
CR: 9 (Fairly Often).
-22 B142
Small Wings, -10%.
Four wings
36 B56
Increased Basic Speed 0.75
15 B15
Increased Dexterity 3
60 B15
Affects Machines, +50%; Can Carry Objects (Up to Light Encumbrance), +20%; Switchable, +10%; Magical, -10%.
Usually invisible; can become visible at will
68 B63
Decreased Move 5
-25 B15
Decreased Strength 6
-60 B14
Pixie Dust
Their wings can be crushed to make a magic dust that turns objects it's sprinkled on invisible; this requires the wings of 50 pixies for enough to cover one human; the effect lasts 1 minute; many other races hunt them for this reason
Shyness (Mild)
-5 B154
Social Stigma (Minority Group)
-2 Reaction from others; +2 Reaction in own group
-10 B155
CR: 12 (Quite Often).
-15 B159
Decreased Size 6
Height: as ST+6, feet become inches, adjust SM if needed; Weight: as ST+6, divide result by 1000
Can glow as bright as a torch
Eerie yellow-orange light that reflects mood: yellow when happy, red when angry and every shade in between; brightness indicates intensity of emotion
Can wear human-sized magic rings like a belt
“Pulls the wings off” of people that pull wings off of pixies
If the victim doesn't have wings, she removes arms instead
Likes clothes
-1 B164
Skills SL RSL Pts Ref
13 DX+0 4 B174
17 DX+4 16 B182
Dual-Weapon Attack (Boxing)
17 +0 5 B230, MA83
12 DX-1 1 B189
12 IQ+0 4 B174
Artist (Painting)
12 IQ+0 4 B179
12 DX-1 1 B187
14 IQ+2 4 B197
14 IQ+2 8 B204
She's used to small lake-based ships built by pixies
13 IQ+1 2 B185
14 DX+1 2 B219
Sex Appeal
13 HT+1 2 B219
Survival (Woodlands)
13 Per+1 4 B223
12 DX-1 2 B192
12 DX-1 2 B213
14 DX+1 4 B222
Mimicry (Animal Sounds)
12 IQ+0 4 B210
Mimicry (Speech)
13 IQ+1 8
15 HT+3 2 B220
13 IQ+1 8 B228
Melee Weapons Usage Lvl Parry Block Damage Reach ST
Natural Kick 11 No 2d+2 cr C,1
Natural Punch 17 12 2d+5 cr C
Ranged Weapons Usage Lvl Acc Damage Range RoF Shots Bulk Rcl ST
Equipment (0 lb, $0) ? # $ Lb Sum $ Sum Lb Ref


Lilly's height is 5.75 inches. This is not reflected above, because GCS won't handle decimals in the height field.

Lilly may be small, but is quite dangerous.

She is often under-estimated, due to her Ring of Giant Strength, which was a gift from a human mage that wanted to give her the ability to protect herself. It is human sized, but she wears it around her waist like a belt. However, it doesn't quite fit her and hangs loose, but not so loose as to fall off. She keeps it high on her right hip, but allows it to slip lower on her left. It's made of many thin, silvery filaments woven together and even looks like a belt, with a small jewel in front that is fashioned to look like a belt buckle. She is only able to remove it by slipping it past her shoulders.

She wears a knee-length, brown dress that she made herself. On formal occasions, she wears a blue evening gown that she also made herself. She normally wears a tiny silver necklace that was a gift from her mother and a pair of emerald earrings that were a gift from her father.

She is beautiful, a common trait among the women of her family. She is also charismatic. These things along with her lecherous personality have gotten her into trouble over the years.

She's had many unsuccessful relationships with men, usually fouling them up herself by flirting with other men. Along the way she's had two daughters, Lilith and Jessica. Her parents and siblings take care of them when she's away, working.

However, her charms have won her many friends. The mage that gave her the magic ring was among them. She spent an evening in a tavern, actively attempting to gain his attention the whole time. He ended up quite enamoured with her and they dated for a few months. In the end, this didn't work so well, due to the huge height diference. In the interim, he worried about her quite a bit and had the ring fashioned for her, so she would be able to defend herself. Lilly still thinks of him fondly, because he gave her the chance to fight effectively along-side her adventuring companions.

Lilly is normally shy and reserved at first, just like all pixies, but her over-attraction to men often over-whelms her instinct to avoid strangers.

On the other hand, she also has the pixie tendency to play tricks on others, especially when she shouldn't. She uses her Ventriloquism and Mimicry skills to great effect while invisible.

She has an intolerance for those who tear the wings off of pixies, because her father was the victim of such an attack. Her normal response is to say, "I'm going to pull your wings off!" She says this even to those that don't have wings, but will settle for ripping arms off instead.

As a child, she learned a little about many trades important to her village. She spent many hours working in the village garden, helping to grow vegetables.

Next, she learned to paint, hoping to be her village's next master artist. Sadly, she was passed over for a much more gifted young man.

After that, she spent a summer as an apprentice to the local seamstress. She learned two things from this: how to sew and the fact that she only likes making clothes for herself.

Finally, she joined the village "navy." This consisted of six sailing ships built by and for pixies to sail on the lake near their village. They use these sail boats to cross the lake for trade with several other pixie villages.

In the end, this didn't really work out either, so she studied survival skills with a local insect hunter and then set out to leave the forest, so she might seek work among humans.

During her first visit to a human settlement, she encountered a house cat and thought it would make an excellent mount. The cat had other ideas: it proceeded to play with her like a mouse, using it's sense of smell to track her. She is now incredibly afraid of cats of all kinds.

Shortly after this, she discovered the League of Adventurers, joined and learned several new skills from her new friends, including Stealth, Escape, Pickpocket and Acting. Just a few years later, after she got her Ring of Giant Strength, she learned Boxing and Dropping, so she might fight better.

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