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Name Golem
Player Information
Player NPC
Campaign Islands of War
Created On Jul 13, 2008
Race Golem Height 84 in Hair None
Gender N/A (Male) Weight 375 lb Eyes Red, Gem-like
Age 6 Size +1 Skin Iron, Rusty
Birthday Unknown TL 5 Hand Right
200 points
Attributes 140
Advantages 159
Disadvantages -252
Quirks -6
Skills 84
Spells 0
Race 75
Earned 0
Strength (ST) 20
Dexterity (DX) 13
Intelligence (IQ) 8
Health (HT) 12
Will 8
Fright Check 10
Basic Speed 6.25
Basic Move 7
Perception 10
Vision 10
Hearing 10
Taste and Smell 10
Touch 10
Damage (Thrust, Swing) 2d-1, 3d+2
Encumbrance, Move & Dodge
Level Max Load Move Dodge
• None (0) 80 lb 7 13
Light (1) 160 lb 5 12
Medium (2) 240 lb 4 11
Heavy (3) 480 lb 2 10
X-Heavy (4) 800 lb 1 9
Lifting & Moving Things
Basic Lift 80 lb
One-Handed Lift 160 lb
Two-Handed Lift 640 lb
Shove and Knock Over 960 lb
Running Shove and Knock Over 1,920 lb
Carry on Back 1,200 lb
Shift Slightly 4,000 lb
Hit Location
Roll Where - DR
- Eye -9 0
3-4 Skull -7 10
5 Face -5 8
6-7 R. Leg -2 8
8 R. Arm -2 8
9-10 Torso 0 8
11 Groin -3 8
12 L. Arm -2 8
13-14 L. Leg -2 8
15 Hand -4 8
16 Foot -4 8
17-18 Neck -5 8
- Vitals -3 8
Fatigue/Hit Points
Current FP
Basic FP 12
Tired 3
Collapse 0
Unconscious -12
Current HP
Basic HP 20
Reeling 6
Collapse 0
Check #1 -20
Check #2 -40
Check #3 -60
Check #4 -80
Dead -100
Traits Points Ref
Ally (Buckle)
Point total (100% of your starting points), +5; Appears almost all the time (15-), x3; Minion, +50%.
27 B36
Claws, Blunt (Feet)
Feet made of metal
0 B42
Claws, Blunt (Hands)
Spikes on knuckles
3 B42
Combat Reflexes
Never freeze; +6 on all IQ rolls to wake up or to recover from surprise or mental stun; Your side gets +1 to initiative rolls (+2 if you're the leader)
15 B43
Damage Resistance 8
Can't wear armor, -40%.
24 B47
Doesn't Eat or Drink
10 B50
High TL 1
This is TL 4+1 clockwork
5 B23
15 B82
Signature Gear
Sword, large spiked shield, backpack, winding key, clockwork tools, 4 medium mahogany blocks
2 B85
Talent (Low TL Artificer) 3
30 B90
Weapon Master
Two weapons: Broadsword and Shield
25 B99
Monstrous, -20.
Covered in rust and numerous battle scars
-20 B21
CR: 6 (Rarely).
-20 B125
-5 B125
-10 B126
Code of Honor (Soldier's)
-10 B127
Delusion (Major)
Killing things requires cutting them up or worse
-10 B130
Dependency (Winding With Winding Key)
Rarity: Rare, -30; Frequency: Weekly (Lose 1 HP per six hours after missing a weekly dose), x2.
Loses consciousness and stops functioning completely instead of taking damage
-60 B130
Duty (League of Adventurers)
FR: 9, -5.
-5 B133
Enemy (Golem's Evil Twin)
Equal Individual (100% of your starting points), -10; Appears quite rarely (6-), x0.5; Evil Twin (More skilled or extra abilities), -5.
-7 B135
0 B20
CR: 12 (Quite Often).
-10 B139
-5 B141
No Mana Shutdown
Instantly winds down and all joints lock without mana
-20 Thm119
No Sense of Humor
-2 Reaction
-10 B146
Noisy 5
Loud whirring gears and totally inept at stealth
-10 B146
-5 B146
Sense of Duty
Adventuring Party
-5 B153
Supernatural Features (No Reflection)
-10 B157
Vulnerability (Acid, Damage x3)
-30 B161
Language: Common
Native, -6; Spoken (Native), +3; Written (Native), +3.
0 B24
Mechanical Golem
Doesn't Breathe
20 B49
Doesn't Sleep
20 B50
Eidetic Memory
Photographic, +5.
10 B51
High Pain Threshold
Never suffer shock penalties when injured; +3 on all HT rolls to avoid knockdown and stunning; +3 to resist torture
10 B59
Injury Tolerance (No Blood)
5 B61
Injury Tolerance (No Brain)
5 B61
Injury Tolerance (No Neck)
Golems have a neck It just isn't a vulnerable spot
5 B61
Injury Tolerance (Unliving)
20 B61
Mental Attack, +30; Immunity, x1.
30 B81
Metabolic Hazards, +30; Immunity, x1.
30 B81
15 B95
15 B95
Disturbing Voice
-10 B132
No Sense of Smell/Taste
-5 B146
-20 B146
“Follow them and gruhuragaw!” was his master's final order
-10 B150
Social Stigma (Valuable Property)
-10 B156
Unhealing (Total)
-30 B160
Wealth (Dead Broke)
He spends money as fast as he gets it, but never goes into debt
-25 B25
Neither has nor spends Fatigue Points
Wears out instead of aging
0 B263
Accessory (Flashlight Eyes)
1 B100
Fearsome Stare
Non-Verbal Intimidation
1 PU2:15
Penetrating Voice
1 B101
-1 B163
Cannot Float
-1 B165
Glowing Red Eyes
Likes Crossbows
-1 B165
Unnatural Features (No Body Heat) 1
-1 B22
Skills SL RSL Pts Ref
14 DX+1 4 B208
14 DX+1 2 B182
18 DX+5 20 B208
Forced Entry
16 DX+3 8 B196
Shield (Shield)
18 DX+5 16 B220
Targeted Attack (Swing/Neck) (Broadsword)
16 -2 4 MA68
Don't forget the modifiers!
8 Will+0 4 B202
Armoury/TL5 (Melee Weapons)
12 IQ+4 4 B178
12 IQ+4 2 B183
Engineer/TL5 (Clockwork)
11 IQ+3 4 B190
14 IQ+6 2 B206
Mathematics/TL5 (Applied)
9 IQ+1 8 B207
Mechanic/TL5 (Clockwork)
14 IQ+6 2 B107
Smith/TL5 (Iron)
12 IQ+4 4 B221
Melee Weapons Usage Lvl Parry Block Damage Reach ST
Buckle Buzzsaw 14 No No 4d 1 11
Buckle Shield 18 No 16 2d+1 cr 1 0
Claws, Blunt (Feet)
Feet made of metal
Kick 12 No No 2d+1 cr C,1
Claws, Blunt (Hands)
Spikes on knuckles
Punch 14 14 No 2d cr C
Golem's Vorpal Broadsword
No penalty to strike the neck; Any crippled limb is automatically severed; Any cutting strike to the neck requires an HT roll to avoid decapitation
Swung 21 17 No 3d+9 cut (10) 1 20
Golem's Vorpal Broadsword
No penalty to strike the neck; Any crippled limb is automatically severed; Any cutting strike to the neck requires an HT roll to avoid decapitation
Thrust 21 17 No 2d+8 imp (10) 1 20
Natural Punch 14 14 2d-2 cr C
Ranged Weapons Usage Lvl Acc Damage Range RoF Shots Bulk Rcl ST
Equipment (65 lb, $379,465) ? # $ Lb Sum $ Sum Lb Ref
Backpack, Small
E 1 60 3 lb 1,165 39 lb B288
Medium Mahogany Block
E 4 100 2.5 lb 400 10 lb
Portable Tool Kit
Mechanic (Clockwork)
E 1 600 20 lb 600 20 lb
E 1 5 1 lb 5 1 lb
Winding Key
This fits Golem's winding socket
E 1 100 5 lb 100 5 lb
E 1 0 0 lb 378,300 26 lb
E 1 0 20 lb 0 20 lb
Golem's Vorpal Broadsword
No penalty to strike the neck; Any crippled limb is automatically severed; Any cutting strike to the neck requires an HT roll to avoid decapitation
E 1 378,300 6 lb 378,300 6 lb B271, Mecha110


He's a huge clockwork golem covered in rust and scars from hundreds of battles, composed of iron with some visible wood decoration that may have once been beautiful. It isn't beautiful anymore. It's almost terrifying now. His internal mechanisms are made of mahogany and they make a terrible racket.

He's strong enough to wield most two-handed swords in one hand with no penalty. He normally uses a larger-than-normal broadsword that has double normal weight. Using the rules from Mecha p. 110: weight 6 lbs., damage sw+2 cut/thr+4 imp, reach 1, Parry 0, cost $1200, ST 20. He recently got it enchanted into a vorpal blade, making him even more deadly.

He enjoys intimidating "bad guys" and gets bonuses for appearance, size, huge muscle power, etc. Typical dialogue while the group is talking to a minion of the bad guy: "Come on! Lemme squish him!"

Has a tendancy to ask new people, "What does gruhuragaw mean?" People usually end up saying, "it doesn't mean anything." This confuses him. He already knows it doesn't mean "anything."

He's very literal about everything and doesn't get jokes at all.

He breaks down dungeon doors in preference to opening them and squeezing through. He's polite enough to use doors in regular buildings, even though he may crush the handle (Klutz disadvantage).

Golem has an evil twin and no reflection. This is due to an accident with a magic mirror. In the process, his reflection was released from the mirror and is now loose in the real world. This evil twin has reversed features, physically speaking and is mentally quite different; he's building an army. Very few even know that he exists. Fewer still realize the danger he poses to the Archipelago.

Just for the sake of record keeping, this is Golem, Mk. V. There have been four previous versions of him for various campaigns that I've played in and run as a GM.

Mk. I was an iron golem with one arm permanently shaped like it was holding a sword. The sword was part of him. He had a tendency to develop romantic feelings for machines, especially one specific crossbow, the most beautiful machine he'd ever seen!

Mk. II was the first version to be a composite iron golem/clockwork golem. The quirk about liking crossbows is a throwback to Mk.I, just for giggles.

Mk. III was a modification of Mk. II to add an ally (Buckle!) and flashlight/flashbulb eyes. I also corrected several mistakes I made in building him, such as missing golem advantages/disadvantages. My GM let me do this mid-campaign under the explanation that he'd never used his new powers in front of the group before. I blinded the entire party, as well as the monsters the first two or three times I used his flashbulb power to role-play this fact.

Mk. IV was a 4th edition update of Golem. He was almost identical in every was to Mk. III, just 4th editionized. The flashbulb power was moved into Buckle for lack of points; he was already over-budget and I had to save a few somehow.

Mk. V is mostly the same as Mk. IV, only I found some mistakes I made building him while punching the data into GCS. This seems to happen with every character I made on paper first. I also bumped his TL to 5, instead of 4, since I believe clockwork tech is TL 5. Last of all, Buckle is quite different from earlier versions; I'm much better at building characters these days and I didn't make the same rookie mistakes I made before. Buckle's "arms" were never right before this version.

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