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League of Adventurers

The League of Adventurers keep their main headquarters on Medusa Island. They serve several important purposes.

First, the member parties may be hired, much like Mercenaries, but they tend to ask quite a few more questions, only taking jobs they agree with.

Second, they send their members out on good-will missions, mostly to right wrongs and help people. They seem to pay for these out of their own coffers.

Third, they prevent wars when they can, often through covert means.

The League has a roster of about 80 active members, who all pay membership dues. In exchange, they receive many benefits, such as entertainment during off-hours, lodging, food and supplies at greatly reduced price, etc.

The League also keeps their members working steadily. Non-league adventurers have much difficulty keeping themselves afloat, due to a lack of fame. League adventurers are constantly given new opportunities for work, because the League has local offices in major cities through most of the Archipelago. Anyone that needs or wants help may visit one of these offices. They have a good reputation for solving problems and so, they're often sought out.

The ordinary jobs range from detective work to dungeon delving and everything in between.

League sponsored jobs tend to have wide-ranging political ramifications and are only given to the most trusted adventuring parties.

Benefits and Responsibilities

Each member of the League pays yearly membership fees of $1000. Failure to pay results in expulsion from the League until it's paid.

On top of this, they take 10% off the top of income for any jobs given to the League. These fees are used to maintain the leases on offices in major cities on most islands, putting a good public foot foreword and allowing more work to come in.

In exchange for this, the League gives it's members steady work. Members are welcome to find outside work as well, for which there is no penalty.

Most of the time, the League has a standing list of jobs available, which any group can pick up the contract for at any time. In addition to this, the League occasionally asks a group to take on a more important task. These tend to be large jobs for important clients, or that have far-reaching political ramifications.

Refusal to take such a job without good reason or failure to complete one will put a black mark on a given group's record for six months. Accumulating three of these results in expulsion from the League, requiring re-admittance through the usual means and drudge work there-after. Important work may be offered again at the discretion of the group's sponsor(s).

Aside from steady work, League members may purchase adventuring gear at a 20% discount from any League office. While on Medusa Island, this discount extends to everything, as it is law on the island, so long as it allows even a small margin of profit. Merchants are not expected to take a loss on this. The merchants don't mind, because Adventurers tend to make quite a few purchases at any given time; they may make little profit on one item, but they generally make up for it on bulk purchases of rations and other consumables, like potions.

Members are also provided with free entertainment whenever they're on the island.

Joining the League

This process begins with the applicant finding a sponsor: someone who's already a member, or a retired member willing to be active again for this purpose. Usually, the sponsor will ask the applicant to complete some task for them that demonstrates willingness to do the work assigned to them. These tasks are rarely dangerous, but often degrading.

Some have been known to take their applicants adventuring with them for up to a year, acting as a sword-bearer or the like. This usually involves teaching them important skills to keep them alive in the field. Adventurers that go down this route take the lighter jobs, refusing the dangerous ones (they have good reason, so no black marks).

Many adventurers look on this as a vacation. Sure, they get paid less for the duration, but they do some light work and show a young friend the ropes, without the heavier responsibilities. Generally, this is a cake-walk. Some few have been known to take on an entire group of applicants all at once for group training exercises.

Once the sponsor signs off on the appropriate paper-work, the League tests the applicant to learn their capabilities and make sure they're ready for the rigours of the adventuring way of life. This requires a non-refundable fee of $1000 and acts as the applicant's first yearly membership fee, should they pass. Failed applicants may attempt this as many times as desired, but each time requires another $1000.

This testing process can be role-played in just about any fashion the GM desires, but it requires personal attention from the governing council (see below). Barring holidays, all applicants for the previous month are tested on the first Monday of each month. This testing is done on Medusa Island at League Headquarters.

Children under the age of fifteen are not normally allowed to join, but exceptions have been made in the past. The sponsorship period may begin at any age, but is often started at age fourteen (for those insisting on joining), so their sponsor can watch them and teach them for a year.


Sponsors have a variety of responsibilities related to their charges:

  • Sponsors may occasionally be called on to check up on their applicants, should their performance ever come into question. If a sponsor is unavailable, the governing council will ask someone they trust to do the job.
  • Sponsors are often in charge of entire groups of adventurers and serve as their link to the League in times of crisis.
  • If in charge of a group, a sponsor will often help find members for the group as needed, say when someone dies.
  • Good sponsors will help find work for those they're in charge of.
  • Training young applicants so they'll live longer is a big part of the job. Some of the more sadistic sponsors relish this part of the job, as they'll beat the applicant to a pulp to “toughen them up.”

They do get some small benefits from this:

  • They're paid $250 a year for every League member they're in charge of. It's not much, but it's a nice reimbursement for the minimal time required. This money comes out of membership fees.
  • Sponsors are accorded a great deal of respect for what they do and the more members they take care of, the more respect they get.

The fact that sponsors are paid has led to some League members retiring to become a professional sponsor. Issvarti, the bouncer at the Knight of the Post, is one such example. Sure, he's a bouncer at the tavern, but he pays his bills out of the money that comes from the League. Mostly he works at the tavern so he'll always be easy to find when he's needed. In the process, he gets to help out his old adventuring group, making a nice win-win situation for everybody.

When a sponsor dies, they're often replaced by another available sponsor.

Adventuring Parties

There are literally dozens of groups in the League, but only a handful are famous:

Most of these are famous for the good things they've done. Adventuring Party is simply famous for being very odd.

The less well known groups are described here.

Solo Adventurers

There are a few solo adventurers, sometimes because they prefer to work alone, but more often because they've yet to find a group they fit in.

“Bob” is a very odd member of the League. It is a Crystallinus that most of the League has mistaken for a sentient magical item. It was found in a deep cavern in a pile of treasure, inside a heavy cloth bag, by the Terrible Trio. They took it with them, thinking the crystal might be valuable. After about ten minutes in the sun, it began floating under it's own power and displaying complex, colorful symbols in the air. None of them were decipherable by even the most learned of sages.

It followed the group around for a number of months, apparently learning the local language. Shortly after, it picked up a sword and shield using telekinesis and began fighting alongside them. Around this time, the group named it “Bob”, because it tended to bob around as it followed them. Eventually, one of them taught it to read and write common, which it now displays in the air like it once did it's own language.

Later on, “Bob” joined the league and decided to leave the group it had been following, having gained a firm enough grasp of the language to get by on it's own. “Bob” is a loner and prefers to work that way. It also really hates wizards and has never explained why.

Elsa Fowler “The Black” is a recent addition to the League's ranks and hasn't found a group yet. Before his death, her husband was a member of the League. When she was informed that he'd died in battle, she donned a black veil as a sign of mourning and then joined the League herself, in order to earn money to support the lifestyle she's accustomed to. Elsa is a Moon Nymph and card-carrying Bard. She dabbles in a little bit of everything and would make a fine addition to any group. She is rumored to possess some kind of magic bag.

Elsa picked up her title because she's almost always seen wearing black, again a sign of mourning for her lost husband.

“Legs” is a Marl and also a recent addition to the League. He was discovered by the Monster Mashers in a Goblin-infested mine, eating them. After a brief altercation with Charissa (resulting in her arm being broken), Zana and Isidro stopped the fight. That suited him fine, because he wasn't interested in fighting them.

He tagged along with them for a while and was was nick-named “Legs” by Isidro. Eventually, he joined the League. His sponsor is Gaspard Harloch of the Monster Mashers. “Legs” always insists on being paid in Chickens. He also has a bad habit of eating his slain enemies, because he requires so much food to keep going. These two issues have kept him from being accepted into an adventuring party, despite the fact that his great strength and extra arms would be an asset to any group. He's currently snatching up any mission involving clearing out goblin lairs, which gets him several days of meals all in one go, plus a number of chickens for later.

Governing Council

The current governing council of the League is composed of Ulrich Gunderson, Ellora Rayna, Melchius Braeton, and Dante Montour.

Captain Ulrich Gunderson is the head of Medusa Island's garrison and the head of the ruling council (this mostly just means extra paper-work). He spends much of his time training adventurers to defend themselves on the battle field and is often found at the barracks, teaching. He's a master of almost all weapons and can readily figure out a new weapon.

Ellora Rayna is the Guild Master of the Shadowed Eyes. The fact that she's even on the governing council is a small miracle, one of the concessions made to the Eyes to end the war between the two. She and her people are available for lessons in stealth, a useful skill for any adventurer.

Melchius Braeton is an old adventuring companion of Captain Gunderson and the current liaison between the League and the Wizard's Guild. He is also the Grand Vizier of Theris.

Dante Montour is a high-ranking priest in the Order of the Unseeing Eye.

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