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Haven is considered by most to be a throw-back of a by-gone era. Haven is the kingdom ruled by the ancestors of the ruling family of the Old Kingdom (please visit the History page for more information), the Tempests.

The kingdom fell on hard times after the navy broke off and became the Couriers. They've struggled ever since and most think of this kingdom as nothing more than a shadow of dead traditions.

Most of the kingdom's people are Believers of the One.

Dia Tempest

Haven has recently started pulling itself together, mostly due to the actions of the current queen, Dia Tempest. She's such a well-loved ruler that her people are gearing up to begin invading other islands, simply because she claims to have seen a vision telling her to do so. Most of her people are such fanatics that they would willingly die for her.

Her mother handles affairs at home, while she spends her time among the troops, training them for battle. She's only sixteen, but has spent much of her time fighting in bloody crusades against the forces of evil.

She's a worshiper of a little-known monotheistic god that claims to be only true god. Due to this she is dead-set on converting the entire Archipelago, by force if she must. To aid her in this quest, she's rumored to have been granted many supernatural abilities. Entire armies of hardened soldiers usually flee at the sight of her charging into battle atop her dragon mount, Magaro.

After hearing her speak just once, hostile crowds have been known to turn their entire lives around and become her loyal subjects. For this reason, she's suspected of using some form of brainwashing magic, simply because all of this happens too easily.

Dia has sworn an oath to personally kill Guild Master Rayna of the Shadowed Eyes for stealing the gems from the crown jewels of the Old Kingdom.

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