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Adventuring Party

Adventuring Party is a group of Modrons that through a remarkable set of circumstances have taken up adventuring. At this point, they've most likely gone rogue, as they seem to be a little too chaotic to possibly be regular Modrons any more.

As the story goes, originally, they were sent out to study adventurers, as the Modrons have great difficulty understanding their motivations. In a highly drunken state, Wilhelm of the Magnificent Five got into a debate with the leader of this party of Modrons, convincing them in the process that the best way to study adventurers is to be adventurers.

Within a few weeks, he'd fronted them the money and volunteered to be their sponsor for the League's required testing process. They passed after their fourth attempt and decided to take on the name “Adventuring Party.”

The group is composed of Hit it With a Sword, Stick it With a Knife, Burn it With Fire, Shoot it With Arrows and Sing to It.

Hit it With a Sword is their fighter and has permanently bolted metal plates to itself in order to mimic plate armor. Its also somewhat brain damaged, due to having taken one too many blows to the head.

Stick it With a Knife is attempting to become a thief. So far it still can't bring itself to break the law by actually stealing anything, even though it has learned the skills. How it learned such skills is unknown, since no thieves guild would ever teach a Modron, as Modrons are supposedly the embodiment of law.

Burn it With Fire seems to be trying to be a priest to a little known fire deity. It's become a bit of a pyromaniac, often burning things for no reason. It has somehow gained several magical fire powers, but little else.

Shoot it With Arrows is their archer. Its quite versatile, having taught itself the ability to magically imbue it's arrows with special properties.

Finally, their leader, Sing to It, has become a bard. It's songs are all about their home plane, Mechanus. It seems to miss home a great deal and is depressed most of the time, often spending days on end doing nothing at all, other than the bare minimum needed to survive.

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