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Lilly and the Outsiders

Lilly and the Outsiders is a recently formed adventuring party in the League of Adventurers.

It's composed of Lilliam “Lilly” Branche, Katelynn Marroguin (better known as Daughter of Shadow), Burton Rusello, Odnom Orazzib, and Teka, The Dead Eye.

Lilly is a Pixie. Her last party all died during a dungeon delve, so she started a new group with Katelynn. She's reluctantly taken on the role of party leader, under Teka's tutelage. She's also the group's front-line fighter; she wears a Ring of Giant Strength that gives her surprising combat ability. She's from a village on Medusa Island, somewhere in the Strawberry Empire. Issvarti of the Knight of the Post is her sponsor.

Burton is an ex-circus performer and stage magician turned adventurer, because he couldn't support his family on the struggling level of pay he was getting. He's done many different entertainment jobs, but few of them made him enough money to keep him from worrying about his family. He has quite a number of useful skills. With each child that's born, he feels even more pressure to bring in a stable income. Andwise of the Knight of the Post is his sponsor.

Katelynn is a priestess of the Children of the Shadow. As such, her identity is unknown to anyone in the League, even her adventuring party. She's quite capable as both a priest and a thief. The obscuring of her identity required by priesthood in her religion has somewhat put people off and she only recently found a group that will accept her. Faelchiril of the Knight of the Post is her sponsor.

Odnom is a very secretive warlock. He uses his magic to aid the party, but simply claims that he's lucky. He's been in the league for a number of years and, like Teka, is quite experienced. He has some history with Burton, having briefly spent time together in another group. Odnom's sponsor is Guild Master Rayna of the Shadowed Eyes. Rumor has it that this unusual situation is because she's his aunt.

Teka is better known for his title, The Dead Eye. He's blind, but he's also the group's archer, having spent quite a bit of time training with the Order of the Unseeing Eye. He's a member of the religion, but he is not one of their priests. Rumor says that before he lost his sight, he slew a hundred men with eye shots, all by himself. He really hates that rumor, because it was only a dozen men and he had two buddies to keep them busy. The eye part is true, however.

Teka is a truly legendary archer. He retired from the League militia when he lost his sight in battle. He spent a few years feeling sorry for himself and then was approached by the Order of the Unseeing Eye. They taught him until his blindness became an asset: he no longer requires light, but can once more make uncannily precise shots. The Order wanted to train him further, to become one of their traveling priests, but he refused. He's spent so many years fighting and killing men in war that he feels as though he must atone for those deeds first. To that end, he joined the League as an adventurer. His sponsor is Captain Gunderson of the League's governing council.

Teka's favorite technique is to fast-draw two arrows and fire them into the eyes of his opponent. This is normally a lethal attack. Few things can stand up to such. At the very least, it blinds them, leaving him in a very advantageous position.


The story of this group may be found here. Beware of spoilers for some of the adventures in this wiki.

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