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Terrible Trio

This is a three woman team of adventurers, Gwen Bystrom, Chelsie Krumroy and Karen Gammon. They're sponsored directly by the League's governing council.

Gwen Bystrom is their mage and quite a powerful one. She has a rarely taught talent to soak up mana at a phenomenal rate. She's also a priestess in the Cult of Profit. On top of all this, she's quite amazing with a Quarterstaff. She specializes in fighting multiple opponents and has heavily practised disabling men through a brutal knee strike to the groin combined with an armed grapple. Gwen was taught magic by Sebastion Clay of the Hazard Harbingers.

Chelsie Krumroy is their leader and a skilled martial artist. She retired when she got married and became a house-wife. Her husband died in the line of duty (eaten by a monster) and she had to get work to support her family. Adventuring is the only work she ever had that paid well, so she's doing it again. Her younger brother takes care of her kids when she's away. Karen calls her “Krummy.” She hates this nick-name, but Gwen is picking up on it, too.

Karen Gammon has the skills of a thief, but she is not a member of the Shadowed Eyes or any other thieves guild. She uses their skills to catch criminals and is one of the few members of the League of Adventurers that still remembers their war with the Shadowed Eyes. She still has bitter feelings and personal difficulties because of this. Karen is a Law Keeper Special Agent.

Gierria Morninglory of the Magnificent Five was once a member of this group, but left due to disagreements with Chelsie. She is still on good terms with them. Gwen is her replacement.

The Terrible Trio has existed since the start of the League of Adventurers, with members moving on to other groups, retiring, or dying in action. They get new members as needed and they're always women. The League is quick to assign replacements. Over the years at least fifteen women have been members.

The name doesn't exactly fit any more, but the original Terrible Trio were given their name due to having mercilessly teased a group of younger adventurers. After a particularly bad session of this, one of their young friends shot back, “You three are terrible!” This phrase was later warped a little and has stuck ever since.

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