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Arcanus is the island ruled by the Wizard's Guild. However, this is a somewhat recent development.

Just twenty years ago, the ruins of Mathghamhna were purchased from the local city by the Guild's current Chancellor, Japheth Arcane. He'd spent many years adventuring and gained quite a sizable fortune. He, along with a number of trusted companions, began restoring the fortress to it's former glory. After a few years of work, they established a school for teaching the wizardly arts.

After a few deft political moves within the hierarchy of the Guild, Japheth became Chancellor and began tightly integrating his new school into the Guild.

Years passed and the Guild began pouring more resources into the ruin. This brought more and more new folk to the island, in turn creating new jobs. The city near the ruin benefited greatly from this relationship, while the other villages were brought new trading opportunities.

Eventually, war broke out between two nearby islands and Arcanus was caught in the middle. The main battleground was a stone's throw away from the ruin itself.

The Guild did not take kindly to this and pooled their resources. They vaporized the two armies, leaving just enough witnesses to send a clear message. No one dares fool around with the Guild like this again.

The locals from the various islands were grateful, but somewhat taken back by the show of force. After a few discussions with the Guild, the villages and the nearby city practically insisted that the Guild should be in charge of the island, despite Japheth's protest to the contrary.

This was not done out of fear of the wizards, but more as a matter of convenience. Of everyone on the island, the wizards were the most capable of defending it and also the most organized. No one else was even in a position to lead, as the villages had always squabbled back and forth over who should be in charge. For the first time, they finally agreed.

Despite his reluctance, Japheth accepted the position on behalf of the Guild and made arrangements to construct a standing army of Golems. The Guild taxes the island 5% of their earnings to maintain this army.

In honor of their new leadership, the villages and the nearby city changed the name of the island to Arcanus. The name was previously a word in an ancient tongue that translates roughly as “land of dry scrub brush.” It was never much of a name, so Arcanus was a big improvement.


Mathghamna is now the central headquarters for the Wizard's Guild, a fortress that served as a place of learning in ancient times. It functions as a school for mages of all skill levels, from apprentice to arch-mage.

Mathghamhna is also the central government building for the island.

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