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Shadowed Eyes

The Shadowed Eyes are a loose association of thieves guilds on multiple islands. The individual guilds work independently, but come together to share information. The only reason this has happened at all is due to a very charismatic leader.

Effectively, the member guilds act as eyes and ears for the head Guild Master, who asks for little else from them. In return, they gain information from the other member guilds.

This arrangement has prevented many turf wars and allowed greater survivability of the individual thieves. When the heat is on, they pick up and transfer to another guild on another island. Due to the mess that the politics of the Archipelago are in, they're rarely, if ever, tracked down.

This has led to the Law Keepers creating a new form of law enforcement officer: the Special Agents, who usually extradite their quarry to Medusa Island.

Recently this arrangement has failed, as the Eyes now have an uneasy mutual non-aggression pact with the League of Adventurers, since they've both taken heavy losses at the hand of the other, due to the Law Keepers. There are even a few members of the Shadowed Eyes in the League.

This has left the Law Keepers frustrated and the Eyes happy. At best, it's a temporary cease-fire, as the Law Keepers don't give up easily. The current rumor is that if they press the point further, Guild Master Rayna will likely make targets out of every high-ranking Keeper, whose names are all a matter of public record. What this means varies by member guild; some will kill the target, while others will leave them destitute.

No one is quite sure where the headquarters for the Shadowed Eyes is and that's exactly the way they want it. Stories from ship-wrecked sailors place it somewhere among the segments of the Spine, but that's likely baseless rumor intended to waste the time of those who would search for them.

The individual Eyes range from benevolent adventurers to hardened criminals. Many of the Pirates are rumored to be members.

Their current leader, and the founder of the guild, is Guild Master Rayna. This makes her a few hundred years old. Based on her age and height, she is most likely an elf, but this has not been confirmed. The governing council of the League know her face, since she now works with them closely, but they aren't openly talkative about this with Law Keepers.

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