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Medusa is the capitol city of Medusa Island and the center of it's government.

Wonders from all over the Archipelago are available for purchase here, having been brought back by members of the League of Adventurers.

Gargoyles are known to roost on the roofs of buildings in the city proper, hidden among the real statues. Many of them are city guardsmen.


The city has strict non-discrimination laws, because many members of “uncivilized” races have joined the League over the years. This has, in turn, encouraged such races to come here for trade, so Goblins, Orcs, Trolls and other humanoids are common. These laws do not apply in the suburbs or to Nymphs (not that it helps much).


Nearly all of these businesses have signs outside that read, “No Nymphs!” Nymphs generally ignore the signs and while they're inside, so do the owners of the business. Very few people are able to ignore their charms.

Center for Monster Control

The Center for Monster Control keeps it's headquarters within the city itself. Their main office, a converted warehouse, serves as a weekly meeting house for the members, where they share their knowledge of monsters with each other. They keep detailed files on many types of monsters.

Anyone may search the archives for a minimal fee. They also sell traps and monster hunting/handling supplies of all kinds.

League of Adventurers Headquarters

The League of Adventurers has it's Headquarters at the center of the city. This walled fortress effectively serves as the government's main office.

Knight of the Post Tavern and Inn

This business has it's own page. It's on the outskirts of the city proper, situated between Peaceful Valley and Severed Serpent.

Roywocket's Rambunctious Rides

This one also has it's own page.


The city of Medusa offers a variety of services to both the city itself and the suburbs.

City Watch

Mostly composed of Gargoyles, the watch has a reputation for breaking the bones of those that break the law.

This is based on an old incident involving a massive riot that eventually forced the League to declare martial law. The watch was specifically instructed to break the legs of looters, because they simply didn't have time to deal with them and it made a nice combination punishment/deterrent. However, this was remembered by nearly everyone and there have been persistent rumors of watch brutality ever since.

The Watch has small offices in all the suburbs, usually manned by locals.

Fire Brigade

The Fire Brigade is composed of mostly volunteer fire-fighters, but there is a handful of paid members. The Brigade has the power to compel anyone on the street to help with bucket chains. The members take the dangerous jobs and those they compel are used to support their efforts.

The most recent leader of the Brigade, Lydia Hoysradt, is a skilled weather wizard known for her ability to create rain clouds as needed. Her second-in-command and incidentally, her twin sister, is Danelle Notter.

Danelle is a fire wizard that fights fire using odd tactics involving explosions and secondary fires. She once put out a raging forest fire by burning down the forest ahead of the main blaze, starving it of fuel. She's well-known for enjoying her job just a little bit more than others are comfortable with.

Both of them are members of the Wizard's Guild.


There are many suburbs attached to the edge of this city, where various races live. There are villages for adventurers, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans, Lizard Men, and a small settlement of Minotaurs.

Each suburb has it's own council and laws, but they pay taxes to Medusa for paying the Watch and the Fire Brigade. The only exception to this arrangement is the Goblin Tent City; they handle things themselves.

Adventurer's Rest

Adventurer's Rest is a gated suburb setup specifically for adventurers and their families. Local law disallows anyone else settling there. It's a quiet place with little activity, which suits the residents just fine, because most of the retired ones are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Crocodile is the Lizard Man suburb. The village is adjacent to a river and the occupants have dammed it to turn a section of forest into an artificial swamp. They raise combat-trained, giant riding lizards of all kind for sale in Medusa.

Bull Head

Bull Head is the Minotaur suburb. It's a quiet farming community that raises most of the food eaten on the island.

There are a number of taverns in the community that serve some of the strongest liquor available in the Archipelago. Anyone that asks what the liquor is made from will get hearty laughs, followed by a short response of something like “mostly corn” or “mostly potato” or even “mostly broccoli.” The response changes every time someone asks.


Granite is the Dwarf suburb. The buildings are mostly all made of granite and have short ceilings. The Dwarves have a granite quarry not far from the city and there are many skilled craftsmen capable of working it. The Dwarves have also dug many deep tunnels beneath Granite, for the sake of having underground homes.

Green Leaf

Green Leaf is the Elf suburb. Almost everyone overlooks it's presence, because it's well hidden in the branches of a forest outside Medusa.

Green Leaf is above one of the main trade roads and is run by High Elves.

Goblin Tent City

There's a tent-city a mile outside Medusa for Goblin-kin, such as Goblins (Advanced and Primitive), Hobgoblins, Orcs and Half-Orcs. Occasionally, even Ogres are spotted here, usually working as body guards. The area is a common source of trouble, but the watch do not patrol it. It's simply too dangerous for them. Fortunately, no individual trouble-maker is around for long, as the inhabitants come to trade and then move on.

The few permanent denizens are keen on having trading relations with those in Medusa, so they police their own kind by murdering any persistent trouble-makers.

This tent-city has a group of six Advanced Goblins serving as their leaders, who each have a permanent home. At least two of them are always around to handle any trouble that comes up. Each has a large number of allies they can call upon to take care of trouble-makers. However, it has also been observed that they seem to be constantly at war with each other.

Humans that come to this area do not live long unless they're good at dodging attacks from nearly everyone around.

Peaceful Valley

Peaceful Valley is the Halfling suburb and is run by the local chamber of commerce, which recently merged with the village council. There are a number of high quality inns, restaurants, shops and taverns. Surprisingly, most of the services in the valley cater to Humans and there are a number of them living there now.

Most nobles in the Medusa area live in Peaceful Valley and employ Halfling servants because they're able to achieve for them a level of comfort unavailable anywhere else. The Halflings are only too happy to accept their money.

Severed Serpent

Severed Serpent is the Human suburb. The name is a reference to a Medusa's hair, as the village is some distance away from Medusa itself. Those living in the village are the workers and many of the merchants that provide services available in Medusa, but there is also a modest inn and a few small shops.

It's become a tradition for the village to serve the League in whatever fashion is required, for which they're paid a decent wage. Many of the children grow up to become adventurers and give their parents many gray hairs from the worrying. Most of the mothers of the village have forbidden their children to ever become adventurers, but this only seems to encourage them.

There/Not There

There/Not There is the Gnomish suburb and is run by a council of illusionists that left the Tinkers to get away from the persecution for their magical talents.

It's a small village of low-ceiling cottages surrounded by a huge illusion that makes the village look like a farmer's field. One of the main trade roads passes right through and those that haven't used the road before are usually surprised to suddenly find themselves in the middle of a bustling Gnome village.

The Tower of Wizardry

The Wizard's Guild keeps a small walled fortress a short distance from Medusa, nestled among the trees of the forest. The main portion of the fortress is a high tower that's higher than the surrounding trees.

This facility serves as the local office for the Guild and a small prep-school for the education of wizards. Locals wishing to learn magic will often begin their education here and then move to Mathghamhna on Arcanus when they become Initiates, in order to continue their training.

The tower is overseen by a Guild Wizard and a staff of six Initiates. The current administrator is Meloedy the Enchantress (Human female charm specialist). She's had the job longer than most, because Japheth (the Guild's Chancellor) noticed that she's good at finding new apprentices. This is mostly because she's nosy.

She's assisted by Abernathy (Human male), Benkovic (Human male), Matias the Older (Human male), Medema (Human female divination specialist), Nashold (Gnome female illusion specialist) and Weirglenda (Human female charm specialist).

The tower also provides shelter for members of the guild that happen to be in the area.

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