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League Headquarters

The headquarters of the League of Adventurers is a walled fortress at the center of Medusa, on Medusa Island. It serves as both a place of resort for adventurers and the main government office for the island.

Visitor's Center

Just outside the walls of the fortress is a small building that serves a number of purposes.

First, it's a small museum detailing the public history of the League, with exhibits for each of the most famous adventuring parties.

The main lobby has pamphlets describing the process of joining the League, along with appropriate forms.

Finally, there's an office off the lobby where those seeking to hire adventurers may speak with a clerk, who will in turn, inform the sponsors and/or the League's Governing Council.

The Fortress

The Main Gate

Most of the time, the main gate is open, with a handful of militia to prevent unauthorized persons from entering.

The only ones authorized to enter are League adventurers and staff assigned to work within. There are careful security checks of all staff, but adventurers have little trouble entering, as their faces are all well-known to the militia.

The Courtyard

Just past the gates is the main courtyard, with statues of the greatest heroes of the League. Statues of the original Hazard Harbingers hold a place of honor right in front of the doors to The Spire.

The Barracks

To the left of the main gate is a short, long building that serves as the militia barracks.

Tucked behind that is the training ground, including practice dummies and an archery range. Any League member may come here for training and/or practice in the fighting arts. The League keeps a variety of skilled fighters on hand to teach a number of different martial arts. Captain Gunderson (of the governing council) may often be seen here, running the militia through combat drills.

The Smith

Just past the training ground is the workshop of Rikle Forgerunner, a Dwarven smith specilizing in arms and armor. He is among the best weapon smiths, but is ill-tempered and employed exclusively for the Militia. However, he's been known to do work on the sly for adventurers with plenty of cash to spare.

The Theater

To the right of the main gate is an open-air theater offering entertainment to adventurers during their off hours. There's something going on here at all hours.

During the day, this consists of simple, low budget shows that reuse props from previous productions. There are often rehearsals for the evening plays or one of the various acting troupes practicing for the evening show. However, simple magicians, jugglers and other circus-like acts are quite common.

Each evening brings a good show and once a week, a spectacular performance backed up with illusion magic.

Finally, the dead of night brings out a troupe of porcelain Golem actors that will wait patiently for an audience and then perform scenes as requested. These golems serve drinks and snacks at other times and have been instructed to memorize any play that is performed on stage. Their repertoire is quite large, but they are not very skilled, making these performances quite wooden and unfeeling. They mimic the performers too closely, including many mistakes.

The Pool

The Lake Gate

The Spire

The Spire is a tall tower in the center of the Courtyard. The meeting chambers for the Governing Council are within, along with offices for their support staff.

The highest point of the Spire is a look-out post that can see a vast portion of the island. This building is also visible from most of the island.

The Council Chambers

The Chapel

Living Quarters

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