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Medusa Island

Legend has it that Medusa Island was once inhabited by a powerful coven of Medusa witches specializing in stone magic.

Medusa Island is now the home of both the League of Adventurers and the Dragon Slayers. Shortly before the League was established, the island was cleared of any threat by it's founding group, the Hazard Harbingers.

The island is temperate in nature, as evidenced by both animal and plant life. Most of the island is wild, untamed forest, maintained in such a state for training purposes. There are many well-hidden pixie villages in the woods.

The ruling body for the island is the governing council of the League.

The island's inhabitants are adventurers, retired adventurers, or workers employed by the League, with a few private citizens here and there.


Many adventurers call the island home, but very few of them are actually around at any given time.

There are far more retired adventurers who spent just a few years adventuring and then gave it up for a more sedentary lifestyle. In other words, they got lucky, became rich over-night and decided to stop risking their lives.

Many of them eventually run out of money and decide to sell their magic items to continue their new lifestyle. This has made the island an excellent place to look for magic items to purchase, but the prices are at least five times normal, due to their owners wanting to make their money last as long as possible. However, those provided by former adventurers are very unique in some fashion, as opposed to the standard stuff available at normal prices.

Many of the current League members are children of retired adventurers. The title of adventurer has become a sort of hereditary mantle for the newest generation to carry, with each family started by a former adventurer encouraging at least one of their own to wear it. Thus, the League is growing more rapidly than ever before.

Often this mantle is symbolically passed down by handing down a hat, a sword, a ring, etc. These items are often magical. Some of them seem to grow in power with each generation. It has been postulated that these items were enchanted through a natural side effect of being exposed to so many famous adventurers. Others think this is pure gossip. If it is true, those that own them aren't talkative about it.

Parents with children desiring League membership often sponsor their children themselves, in order to keep a closer eye on them as they adventure.


The island provides just about every kind of service imaginable, both legal and illegal, despite many attempts to root out the illegal elements.

League members receive a 20% discount on everything, legal or not. It would seem the law-breakers even honor this.

League Headquarters itself provides free entertainment for active members, ranging from swimming pools to theatrical presentations. Any member may seek out the activities coordinator for entertainment while in town. Services like these are paid for out of membership fees.

Many businesses have moved to the island to take advantage of the many opportunities that adventurers bring in, as they are almost always fairly wealthy if they've had any success at all.

Private Citizens

Medusa Island has become a fashionable place to live, due to the constant stream of wealth coming in. Many high-society types, including nobles, have taken up residence in the capitol city, Medusa.


There are quite a few interesting places to see and things to do on the island:

  • Cave of the Nine - The cave the original inhabitants of the island lived in. Legend says they were a coven of nine Medusa witches. Many portions of the cave have been carefully molded by magic to form solid, seamless walls of an artificial nature. This was done to make them more comfortable. Daily tours are available for a small fee ($25).
  • The Dragon's Fortress - On a high cliff at the eastern edge of the island rests the castle the Dragon Slayers call home. This was once the home of a powerful dragon, who was slain by the current owner, who just happens to be their founder.
  • The Faerie Circle - Hidden deep in the forest is a magic circle of mushrooms said to be visited at night by faeries.
  • Lost Gardens - Hedge maze garden with regular open areas. Each of these features a statue with a terribly ghastly look of horror frozen on it's face. As it turns out, most of these are people turned to stone by the island's original owners. The Gardens use their entry fee ($15) as the means to return these unfortunate victims to life. The statues are well maintained and regularly waxed to protect them from the weather. They're generally able to restore one to life each year. Part of what they do in this process is to have the statues replaced with duplicates made by skilled artists, so that they won't lose the customers that allow them to do this in the first place. Visitors to the island go out of their way to visit this garden, partly to help, partly due to a grim form a fascination with the subject matter (most have never seen a petrified person).
  • League Headquarters - Located in the center of the capitol city, Medusa. This walled fortress is off-limits to everyone but League members and those who work there. They have a small visitor's center for those interested in joining or learning more about adventurers.
  • Medusa - The capitol city. Wonders from all over the Archipelago are available for purchase here, having been brought back by members of the League.
  • Knight of the Post Tavern and Inn - The roughest tavern on the outskirts of Medusa. Best avoided, unless getting involved in a brawl or getting drunk is desired. This establishment is, oddly enough, known to cater to Pixies. The usual clientèle doesn't take kindly to the presence of Modrons, often throwing drinks at them if they come in. There are signs outside that indicate how unwelcome they are in various forms of slanderous language. Adventurers of the less seemly sort compose roughly 80% of the regulars.
  • Strawberry Empire - Hidden deep within one of forests of the island is a miniature kingdom ruled by a Pixie known as the Strawberry Empress. This is quite a dangerous place for outsiders.
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