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Knight of the Post Tavern and Inn

The Knight of the Post is the roughest tavern on the outskirts of Medusa on Medusa Island. It also sports a quiet Inn a short walk away on the same plot of land. This business is run by a retired group of adventurers that got lucky and then decided to settle into a more sedentary life.

The Tavern

The tavern is best avoided, unless getting involved in a brawl or getting drunk is desired. Regular hours are from noon to nine in the evening, but if there's a large crowd of paying customers, the tavern has been known to stay open as late as two in the morning, but mostly only on weekends.

This establishment is, oddly enough, known to cater to Pixies. They have a set of appropriately-sized tables and chairs arranged on top of one end of the bar. Anyone that harasses them or otherwise does anything unkind to them normally answers to the bouncer, Issvarti. Every Friday night, a young Pixie named Veronica Remmie can be found here, lying passed out in a bowl of cheap booze and/or complaining about men, especially her dead brother. The other Pixies try to avoid her, as she's a raging alcoholic. Faelchiril always takes great care to make sure she doesn't drown in her drink.

The usual clientèle doesn't take kindly to the presence of Modrons, often throwing drinks at them if they come in. There are signs outside that clearly indicate how unwelcome they are in various forms of slanderous language. However, this never quite seems to stop them. They often come in looking to study adventurers, as others on the island often direct them to the bar as a joke.

Adventurers of the less seemly sort compose roughly 80% of the regulars. The Shadowed Eyes have a strong presence in the bar, often using it as a spot where groups seeking some thiefly skill can come to hire them. Success on a Streetwise roll will find a thief willing to listen to a job offer. Critical failure indicates the asker propositioned a non-thief who is quite insulted by the implication.

Wilhelm of the Magnificent Five is known to frequent this tavern whenever he's in town.


Issvarti is the bouncer for the Knight of the Post Tavern, an ill-tempered Dwarf with a fondness for “the little folk” as he calls Pixies. He does little more than his job in the tavern and acting as sponsor to some of the younger adventurer groups.

To better serve in his role as bouncer, he keeps his trusty axe Fight-Stopper on him at all times. In all but the most unusual circumstances, he has his Dwarven plate armor on, as well. When he's not available, one of his sons fills in.

Rumor has it he's sitting on a pile of cash so huge, it would make a king's eyes pop out.

He's good friends with the bartender and sponsor to a young Pixie adventurer named Lilliam Branche, who frequents the tavern.

In the case of patrons not paying their bill, Issvarti will rough them up and then put them to work. Hard, physical work, repairing or renovating the tavern. He's a master Dwarf craftsman and doesn't tolerate sloppy work or laziness.

Issvarti is the only one of the “big folk” to ever gain the trust of the Strawberry Empress, the queen of the Strawberry Empire.

His name means black ice.


Faelchiril is a young-looking High-Elf woman who always has a rag in her hand, with which to polish the bar she tends. She can be either polite or rude, returning both good and ill manners as she is treated. She's a social chameleon, changing mannerisms as easily as most change facial expressions.

While her name may translate as generous lady, she isn't so forgiving about unpaid bills. In these cases she hands the offender over to Issvarti.

She is the owner of the tavern portion of the business, but she does occasionally sponsor young adventurers.

The Inn

Run by Andwise Banks, this Inn is quiet and comfortable. There are rooms and beds sized for everything from Pixies (SM -6) to small giants (SM +1).

The kitchen is open 24/7, ready to feed anyone desiring even the slightest snack. During the day, Andwise handles this himself. At night, his lovely daughter cheerfully does the work. If neither of them are available, his son fills in.

Troublemakers are referred to Issvarti in the tavern.

The staff of both inn and tavern have private rooms within this building.

Food or Service Price
Good Meal $5
Common Meal $3

Andwise Banks

Andwise is the owner of the Inn portion of the business. He's a Halfling with an eye for comfort and good food.

He pays adventurers well if they bring him exotic new furnishings with which to decorate the rooms.

He also pays handsomely for new recipes.

Rumor says that he was once a very successful thief, but no one that knows what's good for them pays attention to rumors.

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