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Theris is a medium-sized kingdom located on Theris Island, with interests in The Brothers and Shadow Reef. The King has strong ties with Crescentia, the High Flyers the League of Adventurers, and the Wizard's Guild.

Theris is ruled by a just and righteous Paladin, beloved by his people. King Oliver Hieron has a strong belief in freedom for his people and thus, does what his people ask him to, despite his personal feelings.

The people of Theris are honest, law-abiding folk to a fault. The laws of the land are harsh, with heavy punishments. There is little in the way of crime because few dare risk punishment. The people have slowly grown this way due to generations of their rulers having been assassinated. They cry for justice with each one of the royal family that dies and demand harsher laws.

The King disagrees with how heavy-handed the laws of his people are and has been slowly guiding them to be more merciful. He has made some difference; just a few years ago, all thieves were hanged for their first offense. Today, they get a long prison sentence.

The Law Keepers have a strong presence among the people of Theris, as their island was where the Religion was organized.

Important Figures

Grand Vizier Melchius Braeton

Melchius has had a very distinguished career.

He started as an apprentice at Mathghamhna, the headquarters of the Wizard's Guild on Arcanus. After completing his training, he spent several years adventuring as a member of the League of Adventurers.

His group advanced quickly and eventually became an integral part of the current administration of the League. This led to the Wizard's Guild asking him to serve as the Liaison between the two organizations.

Through all of this, he became a local legend on his home island, Theris Island. Eventually, King Oliver asked him to serve as his advisor. Melchius accepted and swore an oath to protect his Lord and Lady with his life.

His responsibilities to the League and the Guild require a few days of his time at the beginning of each month. In addition to this, he takes a few weeks off each year to teach classes at Mathghamhna.

The rest of his time is spent in the court, giving the royals advice and serving them with his wizardly skills. From time to time, he also uses his contacts among the League to occasionally hire adventurers to help out in his day to day job. The League always regards these jobs as a high priority.

King Oliver Hieron

The king does not live in fear, as his god has given him a great gift, that of fore-sight. He often sees what will happen ahead of time and has used this to avoid death by narrow margins many times. This gift has also made him a great ruler, giving him the opportunity to avoid many wars and win decisive victories, despite overwhelming odds.

The elves of Crescentia are his greatest political allies. Thandel Dael, Queen of the Elves, is a close, trusted friend of his, as he spent time as a young man in her court, serving as a knight. This was a measure his father used to keep him safe as he grew to adulthood.

Queen Saelves Dael-Hieron

The Queen is a Half-Elf originally from Crescentia. She is the daughter of Thandel Dael and her most recent (now deceased) husband.

Only after Oliver swore on his life to protect Saelves did Thandel allow them to marry, as she was and is quite aware of the troubles in Theris. Even this took some convincing.

Thandel still worries about her, but in the end felt it was better for her to connect with her human heritage, after having been educated among Elves.

Saelves is beloved by the people, probably even more than the King, but she is rarely seen outside the palace. If she goes anywhere, she is always escorted by her husband, the Grand Vizier or the Captain of the Guard, who have all sworn an oath to protect her.

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