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Goblins are foul-smelling, paranoid, sadistic cowards. Those are some of their better points. They tend to cause nothing but trouble.



Primitive goblins are practically as common as dirt. Anywhere wild, untamed lands are available, primitive tribal goblins abound. They tend to easily become slaves to Orcs, Ogres, Giants, etc. Generally anyone tougher than a goblin will tend to enslave them easily.


Advanced Goblins live deep underground, but they're occasionally seen above ground. They use TL 5 and TL 4+1 clockwork technology and are able to build firearms.

The Gnomes of the Archipelago do not get along with them, due to competition over the resources required for advanced technology.

Due to their technology, they aren't anyone's lap-dogs. Anyone that tries to enslave them is generally murdered on short order.

Unlike Gnomes, Advanced Goblins willingly accept both magic and technology. They also mix them heavily. This makes them very dangerous.

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