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Nameless Groups

There are dozens of groups in the League of Adventurers. They aren't all detailed, but this page will help the GM put together a nondescript party of adventurers in a hurry. It can serve as an aid for players to put together PC adventurers, as well.

Most adventuring parties have between three and six members. There's almost always either a Fighter or Martial Artist, a Thief and one of Cleric, Druid or Wizard. There should always be at least one member of the party capable of taking care of wounded, either via magic or medical skills (Doctor or Medic lens) and a Leader.

There are several basic types of example adventurer (150 points each), and the Character Toolkit has lenses to provide additional customization options. There's also a 50 point adventurer with nothing but very basic skills and a few raised attributes, suitable for combining with lenses, giving extra room to work with.

Character Sheets


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