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The Marl, sometimes called Slime Devils, are a huge (SM +5) snake-like race with multiple arms just below their neck. They have a cobra-like neck with the same kind of protruding skin flaps. They regularly grow to greater than 40 feet in length, but most of their body isn't much wider than a man's torso.

Their most striking feature is their arms: they can grow up to eight of them! They're fond of fighting in melee, using clubs or weapons scavenged from fallen foes.

They have no culture or language of their own, behaving much like wild animals when left to their own devices, hunting mostly water fowl for survival. However, they are quite adaptable, often learning the language of other races and then learning to fit in as much as they can.

Marl take well to working as Mercenaries, often getting paid in food (they're strictly carnivorous) and/or weapons. They're particularly fond of working for other reptilian races.

All Marl have an extreme, instinctual reaction to birds (and bird-like creatures) of all kind; the mere sight of a living bird causes them to go into a berserk fit that doesn't normally end until they've killed every bird in sight and eaten at least one of them. This can become quite embarrassing to a civilized Marl.

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