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Order of the Unseeing Eye

The Order of the Unseeing Eye is known by many names, some flattering, some not. Here are a few examples: Unseeing Eyes, Sightless Eyes, blind priests, or simply 'blind holy guys.'

They have a somewhat unusual set of beliefs that boil down to this: the state of being blind helps one grow closer to their god, as she is also blind.

For much of their history, the Order thought their god was male, but this view was recently overturned, due to the discovery that she is also worshiped as a goddess of justice by the Law Keepers. Oddly enough, this aspect of her is always portrayed in high-heeled shoes. The symbolism of this is not well understood.

The Order has both a general membership and priests that devote their whole lives to their religion. The general membership is composed of half and half sighted and blind. The priests are always blind.

Their priests teach people to be good, righteous and to accept the gifts that they've been given in life, regardless of what they may be. Most especially, they teach others to accept blindness as a gift: it sharpens the other senses and gives one a new perspective on life.

They also teach the blind to read braille, how to navigate by clicking one's tongue to listen for the echo and many other skills. In their view, learning all these skills makes blindness an advantage.


The priests of this religion are, strangely enough, quite adept at using bows, even though they're blind. This takes years of training, some interesting Advantages and rather exotic skills. They spend most of their training cloistered in the most remote monasteries, as the distractions of the outside world interfere with this.

Some never quite complete their training, leaving them lacking some of the more esoteric skills. These priests serve their local areas in the same fashion as priests of most religions do. Those who complete their training tend to be constantly on the move, doing good and teaching others.

They always wear a blind-fold of some kind, usually made of silk. This is the symbol of their faith.

They often teach the virtues of “Turning a blind eye.” Few actually understand what they mean by this.

They tend to be quiet, listening most of the time. When they speak, their words are carefully chosen.

Most people are not aware of their soul-sight (see below, under Game Mechanics), instead thinking it's all a matter of training.

The priests with spell-casting ability use the Divine power modifier. The required Disadvantage can come from Fanatacism (Order of the Unseeing Eye), the vows listed below, or any variety of other “Good” Disadvantages.

Game Mechanics

Here is a list of skills from the Basic Set that they teach (in general and to their priests): Autohypnosis (B179), Blind Fighting (B180), Bow (B182), Diplomacy (B187), Fast-Draw (Arrow) (B194), Meditation (B207), Psychology (B216), Religious Ritual (B217), Teaching (B224), Theology (B226), Written Language (Braille) (B24), and Zen Archery (B228).

They also teach several advantages: Acute Senses (B35), Discriminatory Hearing (B49), Discriminatory Smell (B49), Heroic Archer (DF1:14, MA45) Trained By A Master (B93) and Weapon Master (Bow) (B99).

The priests tend to gain the usual kinds of religious/holy Advantages, varying from individual to individual and by training. They all possess the Empathy Advantage (B51) with a Pact (B113) attached to a Minor Vow (Aid and teach the blind) (B160). The traveling variety of priests also have a Pact for a Major Vow (Protect the Innocent). There is another limitation, Requires Soul, for -10%. This means that this form of empathy only works on beings with souls. There is a +30% enhancement attached called Functions like Vision. They see emotion instead of light. They see right through objects in a room, but not walls. This allows them to see glowing auras around people's heads and hearts. They refer to this as soul-sight. Other variants of empathy are possible in addition to this with the same modifiers, such as Animal Empathy (B40) and Plant Empathy (B75).

They also teach one new skill: Echo Location.

The Silent Sanctuary

The Order keeps it's headquarters well hidden, because it's a training ground for their priests. This training process requires peace and quiet.

There is more information available here.

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