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The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga

This is a set of notes and converted characters for using the AD&D 2nd Edition adventure The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga. These notes will allow you to easily make use of the adventure in Islands of War.

Back Story

Baba Yaga's hut cannot be stopped by the planar seal put in place by the creator of the Demiplane this setting takes place in. It's artifact-level magic, after all, and Baba herself is powerful enough to rival the Black Crown himself.

On the other hand, she doesn't care to be a rival to the Black Crown. When she first visited the Archipelago, the Black Crown paid her a visit and they sized each other up, eventually deciding that neither was a threat to the other. The Black Crown now sees her as a source of entertainment, since he rarely knows what she's up to, aside from her overall goal of obtaining true immortality.

Finding the Hut

The adventure specifies a secluded location in a forest clearing. It's also best if the island has some locals to use for the adventure hooks.

Here's a list of islands that would be ideal: Crescent Island, Isle of the Three Kings, Medusa Island, The Sisters, Storm Haven and Theris Island.

However, there are also a number of seemingly suitable islands she won't visit. Arcanus is far too populated with other wizards for her tastes. The same goes for the Black Isle. She knows the Green Isle is an illusion and generally ignores it. The Druids of Grimm's Island are too much of a hassle (they harassed her about the frightened animals the one time she parked the hut there).

Conditions in the Hut

Baba Yaga's hut is a dimensionally folded space with no connection to the astral or deep ethereal planes. The adventure is inconsistent in it's treatment of connection to the border ethereal, since ethereal spells and magic items don't work, but there's a ghost in area M4. My suggestion is to treat the hut as though there is a border ethereal (allowing many ethereal spells to work), but it's still impossible to pass through the outer walls of each individual area.

Most of the guidelines in the adventure itself can be followed as written, but will require the application of some logic, since the listed spells will have to be considered examples. Summoning spells will almost always fail.

Users of Standard Magery with the Divine or Spirit power modifiers will be unable to prepare spells in the hut. Users of Fatigue Magery with the same power modifiers will find the energy cost of all spell-casting doubled. This also applies to the FP costs of Advantages with these power modifiers. This applies unless the Area in question has a connection to the appropriate plane (the exceptions are noted in the adventure or are fairly obvious).

For the sake of this adventure, an extra-dimensional pocket is Payload with the Cosmic (Extra-Dimensional Pocket) Enhancement or anything similar. Using them inside the hut can trigger a Dimensional Disaster.


Exterior of the Hut

Necrophidius Giant Chicken Leg

Area A

Will o' Wisp

Area B

Giant, Cyclops

Area D

Fired+Glazed Clay Golems (with Wall of Blades mirror fragments, giant-sized)

Area E

Basilisk, Greater Green Hag

Area F

Giant Ant Giant Bee Giant Dragonflies Crawling Claws

Area G

Elven Cat (Jazibaba)

Area H

This area requires some special attention.

The observatory dome opens in space above the Moon, giving a view of the top side of it. It's movement tracks the movement of the Moon, so they're always in the same relative position. Baba discovered the unusual nature of the Moon during her last visit and spent some time studying it and it's inhabitants.

Priests will function normally here, as the area has been attached to the Archipelago for the time being.

Area I

Living Wall

Area J

Minor Death

Area M

Imp, Quasit

Area N

Vasillisa (Human Child) Doll Golem (modified Action Figures might be a good substitute)

Area P

Baatezu, Green Abishai Questrix (Gnome Illusionist NPC)

Area F1

Aerial Servant

Area F2

Clones produced by the portraits have a Severe Delusion that they're the original. PCs could take them as Allies. They're also Not Ressurrectable, for -25 points, since they (and their gear) vanish if killed.

Area F3

Alternative Reality Tokyo is a Demiplane that's attached via portals (the doors) to Baba Yaga's Hut.

“Giant Lizard” (It's Godzilla, but the same size as the PCs)

Area G1

Baatezu, Pit Fiend

Area G3

Another Demiplane linked by portals.

Treant Hedgehog

Area G4

Broken One (a Flesh Golem variant, I suppose) Nightmare

Area H2

Yugoloth, Guardian, Greater

Area H4

Fossilized Skeleton (add Body of Stone?)

Area M1

Vampire Animal

Area M4

Ghost Cyborg

Area G3a


Area G3d

Faithful Hound (as the spell)

Character Sheets


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