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The Druids of the Archipelago are a mixture of those that worship nature gods, nature spirits, nature itself or the elements.

They're not exactly a single religion, but are organized together for the sake of their common goal of protecting nature. Their leaders and quite a few others can be found on Grimm's Island, where they meet regularly to discuss matters of importance to all Druids.

There is no general membership, just the Druids themselves and each tends to be unique, worshiping in their own way.

They maintain circles of standing stones on many islands in the Archipelago. The purpose of these is unknown, but it has been observed that they function like calendars, with the outer stones casting a unique shadow every day of the year.

They often gain Advantages related to nature, such as Animal Empathy or Plant Empathy. Spell-casting abilities are quite common, as well. These will always have a power modifier, such as Divine, Elemental, Nature or Spirit. Nature is the most common. Required Disadvantages (if any) are often filled by Fanaticism or Sense of Duty (Nature). Some rare Druids have been known to wield True Faith that can repel machines and those that harm nature.

Druids by Type

The following are categories of Druids and the likely combinations of powers and power modifiers.

Animal Worshipers

These Druids worship animals. Not too surprising, they gain animal-related powers. They usually use the Spirit power modifier. These Druids often become veterinarians.


Death Druids are considered deranged lunatics by their fellow Druids. They worship the force of Death, as it is the ultimate end of all life. They use the Divine power modifier and gain death-related powers. They have a fondness for scythes and black robes.

Some of these Druids occasionally sacrifice virgins in their circles of standing stones. They're the ones that ruin the good name of Druids, since the public thinks all Druids are the same.


These are worshipers of actual gods of nature. They use the Divine power modifier and can gain almost any powers, depending on the specific god.


Many Druids worship specific elemental aspects of nature. Each uses an Elemental power modifier and gains powers related to their element. The most common elements are Air, Earth, Fire, Ice, Light, Water and Weather.


These Druids worship nature in all it's forms. They use the Nature power modifier. They are often granted animal and plant related abilities, but control over the forces of nature is not unheard of. If they have True Faith, it will work on machines and individuals with the intent to harm nature.

Some of these Druids are technophobic. Others are simply prejudiced against anyone that uses technology.

Plant Worshipers

These are worshipers of plants. They usually use the Spirit power modifier and gain plant-related powers. These Druids tend to grow circles of trees deep within the forest, where they meet to discuss matters of importance.

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