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Grimm's Island

Grimm's Island was named for a famous druid that lived and died several generations ago. It's a completely wild jungle.

The Druids use the island as common ground for their regular meetings. They value the island in it's natural state and are quick to inform visitors that they are trespassing. Those that do not heed this warning are never seen again.

The first thing most will notice when they come to the island is that the animals stop whatever they're doing and watch the intruders. This is usually noticed with birds and reptiles first, but soon mice, rats, wolves and even tigers will do the same. Shortly after, they'll be paid a visit by one of the local druids, who will demand that they leave immediately.

The only exceptions to this rule the druids make are for those that shipwreck there. They will assist such in leaving, even going so far as to give them a ride on a whale's back to Medusa Island or Crescent Island.

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