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Isle of the Three Kings

The Isle of the Three Kings is on the southwestern edge of the Archipelago, with three small kingdoms that have been in a nearly constant state of war with each other since the Old Kingdom broke up. It's temperate and full of woodlands.

It's also an island of prophecy, as a local oddity in the background mana level has made Divination magic quite easy to use. For the purpose of casting these spells, the island is a High Mana Area and it gives a +5 to any rolls involving them.

According to a prophecy by a long dead wizard whose predictions always came true, the island's kingdoms will be united into a single kingdom. This is to be accomplished by a ruler that can rightly claim blood of all three royal families. About two decades after this wizard died, the three kings began marrying their daughters off to royals of the other kingdoms.

Things went swimmingly and their great grandchildren could all claim to have royal blood from all three families. Finally, the first of these came of age. With a little prodding from his grandfather, he boldly made the claim that he was destined to rule the island.

He was promptly assassinated the next day. Each one of the kingdoms want their own 'chosen one' to be the ruler. This has sparked a long-running feud that lasts to this day.

The three kingdoms are quite evenly matched and war has done little but decimate the island's population.

Currently, they have achieved an uneasy truce, of sorts. They don't fight in open war anymore, instead using spies and assassins almost exclusively, with the threat of real war if someone goes too far.

The villagers of all three kingdoms hope and pray that no one will go too far.

The names of the three kingdoms are Belleca, Hathewald and Vawdreya.

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