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Theris Island

Theris Island is the home of the kingdom of Theris, the High Flyers and the Law Keepers. It has a temperate climate, but is quite urbanized. There are a number of large cities, plus many more small farming villages.

The royal family of Theris lives in a grand palace on the top of a tall hill. At the base of this hill is the sprawling City of Therica. Therica is the main port city and center of trade for the island.

There is a noble family on Theris Island famous for their very successful banking business. This is the Bellaby family. They live in a private estate with a castle of white marble named Bellaby Manor. Few have seen it, because it's surrounded by a forest on privately-owned land, but it's rumored to be far more grand than even the royal palace.

Further down the same road is Shadybrook Lane, a private, gated community.

The Law Keepers have a fortress on this island known as the Hall of Judgment. It serves as a place of learning for the Keepers and a prison for criminals.

There's a famous haunted forest called the Shadow Wood on the island, just a short distance from the City of Therica.

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