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The moon looming over the Archipelago is sometimes called Luna.

There's a group of Gnomes living on Theris Island attempting to build a flying contraption to reach Luna. They're known as the High Flyers. So far, they've lost multiple test pilots and half their engineers along with four terribly expensive prototypes. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have lost any enthusiasm for the project.

The first successfully launched prototype lost propulsion and crashed in the ocean. No one survived. The next two turned into fireballs in the sky for unknown reasons. The fourth appeared to crash into Luna and then shortly after turned into a fireball.

No one is exactly certain what happened to the crews, but some of the inventors are working on making the next prototype fire-proof and completely sealed, in hopes of protecting the crew. They're also planning to alter it's trajectory so it will land on top of Luna, instead of hitting the bottom.

In each of the last three cases, contact was maintained between the crew and the ground via Gnomish communication devices they call “radios,” at least until they flew out of range. The crews reported that everything was going well up to that point.

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