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The Underdark is a massive, mostly-natural cave complex spanning beneath the entire Archipelago and likely further. Surface dwellers are generally not aware it even exists.

The most common inhabitants of the Underdark are Drow Elves, Advanced Goblins, Deep Gnomes, Coleopterans, Mind Flayers and various forms of highly dangerous animal life. Fungus is very common, including creatures that walk around on their own, such as Myconoids. Ultimately, nearly all forms of life in the Underdark derive their nourishment from volcanism.

Nearly the entire Underdark is a High Mana Area. For some unknown reason, this particular form of mana interferes with all forms of magical teleportation, doubling all range penalties and limiting maximum range to 2 miles. There are rare areas known as flux points that can bypass this restriction, but they require the user to teleport between flux points.

Arcanus, Goblicus, Iron Peak, Necropolis, Shadow Reef and Theris Island all have connections to the Underdark. Other islands may, as well.

The Underdark is divided into a number of distinct regions:

The Advanced Goblins have constructed a large network of subterranean railroads that runs under most of the Archipelago. This is known as The Subway and is run for the sake of trade. It's a carefully guarded secret that they won't reveal to surface races. However, most Underdark natives are aware of it, because it pays to avoid people that use magical firearms. The Goblins that run the rail system take a murderous approach to anyone that tries to interfere with their railroad.

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