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Big Bear Island

Big Bear Island is an uninhabited, temperate island on the eastern edge of the Archipelago.

The first group of explorers to find the island rowed ashore and found that the trees were much larger up close. They looked just like regular woodland trees, but were at least three times larger.

Shortly after, they encountered a truly enormous bear and ran back to their boat when it attempted to eat them. When they got back to civilization, the map-maker that funded their expedition asked what they wanted to call the island. The explorers glanced at each other, shuddered and spoke simultaneously, “Big Bear.”

After a few careful exploratory trips, it was determined that nearly every living thing on the island grows much larger than normal, varying by species.

Mammals, reptiles and amphibians generally reach three times normal size, while insects and arachnids can grow to anywhere between three times to a few thousand times larger.

Plant-life, on the other hand can reach truly titanic proportions, despite the fact that their fruit and seeds are limited to about five times normal size. Flowers still manage to grow much larger, however. This may be an adaptation to the large size of the bees.

Ants and bees are the most common animals and can be quite dangerous.

What causes animals to grow so large is under investigation, but wizards have found no peculiarities in the island's mana. Currently, other factors are being looked into.

There are rumors of giant humanoids on the island, but these are based on a single account by a hysterical fellow that died shortly after telling others his story.

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