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Red Caves

The Red Caves are a region of the Underdark filled with iron and gem deposits. Most of the stone walls have a red coloration. Iron Hall and the Tinkers have tunnels that reach into the Underdark, but they do not realize the natural tunnels go this deep. In any case, their mines that connect to natural tunnels are well guarded, just to be on the safe side.

The most predominant races in the area are the Coleopterans and the Advanced Goblins. They rarely interact, as the Coleopterans occupy the south-west potion and the Goblins are at the extreme north-east. The goblins have a regular trade caravan that comes to the surface near Medusa on Medusa Island; the League allows them to sell their wares in the city.

There's also Deep Gnomes occupying the southern border between the Red Caves and the Domain of the Spider. They're nearly always fighting with the Colopterans, who take a murderous approach to warning them against entering their territory.

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