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The version of this page for the GM is here.


Necropolis is an atoll consisting of three islands.

The first forms a semi-circle around the other two and has most of the land mass. This island is Necropolis A. The second is the western island on the inside, Necropolis B. Necropolis C is the eastern inside island.

Wizards interested in the necromantic arts visit this atoll on a regular basis, seeking to study the aura of death and sickness that surrounds it. Some come for archaeological purposes. These wizards have a pair of small outposts on the two Spine segments closest to Necropolis. At the center of their settlement is a magical device that emits a field that grants all within an immunity to retching effects. Natural sickness is not affected. They sell smaller versions of this item for $1000 each. These always take the form of jewelry.

Some of the information from the GM's version of this page might be available from the wizards at the outposts mentioned above. They know the general layout and conditions of the island, but they don't know much more.

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