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Elves are quite common in the Archipelago, but are most prevalent on Crescent Island.



Aquatic Elves are found in the ocean through-out the Archipelago. They're quite reclusive.


Drow Elves live quite far underground and have a matriarchal society based on Paranoia and Sadism. It's rumored they worship some form of spider god.

According to legend, the Drow were driven far underground as the result of a war with their surface cousins.


Faerie Elves are the race most think of when they refer to fae creatures. They're most closely related to the Grey Elves, but they're rumored to be related to Nymphs, as well. They're incredibly rare, due to their past dealings with dwarves and humans (neither of which took kindly to being screwed in every agreement they ever made).

They never die of old age and have a few magical glamours. Each sports a small set of semi-transparent wings on their back.

Their entire race was long ago cursed to be unable to lie or break any promise they make, due to their astounding arrogance. Unfortunately, instead of learning from this mistake, they learned to twist words in ways that no other would ever dream of. They're always devious in their dealings with others and always looking for loop-holes in any agreement. They do not give their word on anything without carefully thinking over the consequences.

Another curse, also courtesy of their arrogance, is a weakness to the touch of iron, including steel. It's painful, causes their natural powers to fail and will actually damage them after a minute or more of contact. Their enemies are fond of using this against them.

These Elves are drawn to magic like a moth to flame. Many of their wizards become addicted to spell-casting and they cannot survive for long without mana, since their bodies need it to function.


Grey Elves are among the longest-lived of the Elves. They tend to be somewhat aloof, racially speaking, and live in cities high in the mountains. Their cities are rumored to be quite beautiful, but non-Elves are rarely, if ever, allowed in them.


The offspring of the union of Human and Elf, Half-Elves are not really accepted into either society very well. They have formed a few communities of their own, however.


High Elves are the most common form of Elf. They live in cities high in the tops of large trees.


The Rockseers are an extremely reclusive, isolationist off-shoot of Elf that live far underground. They are very attuned to the rock of their surroundings.

According to legend, when the surface Elves and the Drow began the war that eventually drove the Drow underground, the Rockseers did not join in, instead running away from the fighting. Eventually, they also settled underground.

They believe themselves shunned by the Elven gods for their cowardice, so they do not normally practice any kind of religion. Thus, Rockseer priests are incredibly rare, if not non-existent.

Very few even know the Rockseers exist, due to their natural ability to move through rock as though it were air. They use this ability to vanish whenever they're spotted.

Rockseer wizards will gain new Acid or Earth spells as gifts from their own kind from time to time. This is a result of their racial Sense of Duty toward other Rockseers. Generally, the wizard will share their spells, in turn.

Winged (Avarial)

Most Avarials live in the Cloud Kingdom, but there are a few communities in the highest mountains, only reachable by flying. They're quite fond of glass work, even going so far as to make weapons of glass.

Wood (Sylvan)

Sylvan Elves are arguably the closest to nature and also the most reclusive. They live in villages in the depths of the forests, where they encourage visitors to treat nature kindly on pain of death. If they travel any real distance, it is usually by canoe.

Very occasionally, they leave their forest sanctuaries out of curiosity. They usually return quite quickly.

Sylvan Elves are unusually talented with animals.

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