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Iron Peak

Iron Peak is the name of the island that the Dwarves of Iron Hall live on and also the name of the mountain they live under. It sports arctic temperatures on the surface all year long.

The Tinkers also call this island home, as their tunnels lie beneath the Dwarven mines. There's a colony of Actic Dwarves living on the tundra at the north of the island.

Most of the island is mountainous, with some tundra on the north side. About the only parts of the island that aren't mountain are the city of Iron Port, the tundra and a small artificial beach that has the beginning of the bridge to Crescent Island.

The mines produce a variety of gems and metals. The Gnomes mine gems, while the Dwarves mine mostly iron, but they also produce a small amount of other, rarer metals, such as Mithril.

This island is the largest iron producer in the Archipelago and the hub of advanced technology for the entire region.

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