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The Subway

The Subway is a large network of railroad lines that run under most of the Archipelago, run by Advanced Goblins. They're a secret that the goblins would prefer to keep surface folk from ever learning about.

The rail lines are generally left alone, because their owners take lethal action against anyone that interferes. The main purpose of the Subway is trade, but they also occasionally take on brave passengers.

Each train is run by a master engineer, his crew of goblin overseers and a large number of Kobold slaves. The goblins are generally in the middle of some kind of internal conflict, with each member of the crew vying for more power, by any means available, most often including a mixture of blackmail, intimidation and force. Any univited outsider that interferes in this relationship will be quickly murdered by the entire crew working in concert. They seem to prefer things this way.

Animals avoid the rail lines whenever they can. There are magical distance markers every mile or so that cause headaches to any trespassing creature of IQ 6 or less that wanders within about half a mile of the rails. Anything more intelligent than that is generally shot at by goblins on passing trains.

The Telegraph Network

The rail lines are followed by an associated telegraph network that the Goblins use for communication. This takes the form of tall poles with cables running between them in large caves. In smaller caves, the telegraph lines are pinned to the ceiling.

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