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Tattoo island is so small you could easily overlook it. It isn't much more than twenty miles across and compared to the other islands in the Archipelago (many of which are hundreds across), it's tiny.

The island is temperate, with the usual assortment of trees, shrubs and brush.

Somewhere hidden away on the island is a small hut built against a sheer cliff wall. Inside you'll find a single occupant, completely covered in tattoos, head to toe.

He speaks heavily-accented common and calls himself Tattoo. He's bald, wears leather armor and carries a spear when not home.

Few understand what he says, but he's an expert at magical tattoo work. Some suspect he's a wizard specializing in tattoo spells. Whatever the case, his work goes on painlessly, taking only a few minutes. His work ranges from the mundane (normal tattoos) to the exotic (switchable tattoos that may be hidden at will) to the functional (one-shot magical creations that vanish once used).

His prices are extremely high. He charges five times the normal rate for regular work (or removing regular tatoos) or double the usual cost of enchantment for any other work.

Tattoo is a member of the Cult of Profit.

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