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Humans are the most common race in the Archipelago. You'll find them on nearly every island, whether they're there to trade, or to work and live.


The common, standard human requires no racial template, but often uses a cultural template.


The Pygmy are a race of diminutive humans that live in corners of the world that others don't, such as deep in jungles and on tropical islands. They're primitive, technologically-speaking, but often quite good at using what they've got to good effect.

Many of them are experts with bows and blowpipes. Those that specialize in blowpipes often have a variant of Heroic Archer that works for blowpipes. Trained by a Master and Invisibility Art are quite common among them.


The Swanmays are human women with the ability to transform into swans and a great love of nature. They gain this ability through some kind of magic item given to them by other Swanmays. The reasons behind who is invited into their sorority are not clear, but likely involves unknowingly performing some kind of service for the Swanmays and/or nature.

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