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Ogres are among the biggest, strongest and toughest of the monsterous humanoids, aside from giants. Unfortunately, this comes paired with a number of serious mental defects, including an Addiction to eating humans and demihumans.

Ogres serve in armies as heavy infantry. They're often in charge due to sheer, brute strength, but this uniformly leads to failure and mutiny, because they're stupid.


Half-Ogres are usually the result of rape, combining the features of Human and Ogre. Fortunately, this combination leaves out most of the Ogre's mental defects.

With the GM's permission and aid, this may be combined with another racial template to produce a half breed of Ogre and something other than Human. One example of just such a Half-Breed is the Ogroll, a Half-Ogre, Half-Troll combination. Another is the Orog, a sub-race of Orc.

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