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Trolls are encountered quite commonly in wild areas skirting human settlements. They'll eat almost any kind of meat, including Humans, Elves, Dwarves, etc. In the wild, they are exclusively carnivores, but can subsist on vegetable matter without trouble. They just prefer meat and aren't all that picky about what species it comes from.


Male trolls are hideous humanoids with ravenous appetites, and they're nearly impossible to kill, because they regenerate so quickly. They take advantage of this by fighting in pairs. When the front-line fighter is injured badly enough, they switch places so he can heal. Using this technique, they can often wear down opponents they otherwise wouldn't be able to defeat.

Another of their favorites are hit-and-run tactics. This allows them to do some heavy damage, run off to heal and then strike again. This tends to be devastating against human opponents.


Female trolls, on the other hand, are often mistaken for beautiful human women, as there are no obvious indicators of their parentage. They use this to their advantage, often luring foolish young men into the forest “for some fun.” After they've had their fun, they normally kill and eat the poor fool. This type of behavior has led to half-trolls being almost as common as trolls.

They do not regenerate as quickly as the males, but they do heal much faster than humans. An injury that might take weeks to heal for a human would only take them about a day.


Half-trolls regenerate as fast as trollish women and share the trollish view of food, but are often caught between human and troll society, seeing the good points of both. Half-trolls have a unique relationship to these disparate groups and often serve as a bridge to open communication between the two. Unfortunately, their attempts at diplomacy usually fail.


Scrags are aquatic trolls. They only regenerate when submerged. Scrags often take to living under bridges, exacting tolls of travelers. They're particularly fond of eating Dwarves.

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