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The Tinkers are a loose organization of Gnomes living underneath the Dwarven tunnels of Iron Peak.

Their tunnels are extensive, most of which are mines, though they have occasionally extended through natural caverns.

The Tinkers mine gems for a living, carefully cutting them to the highest quality possible for selling to their Dwarven neighbors.

They're also inventors of new technology. This is where their name comes from. More information on their technology may be found here.

The Tinkers get blamed for most earthquakes in the Archipelago, due to the occasionally-explosive nature of their technology. Most of the surface folk believe that earthquakes are due to Gnomish experiments gone awry. They're not even half right. Most of the quakes are due to volcanism. Only about 10% are due to the Gnomes and these are usually due to a power plant explosion.

Most of the Tinkers spend their entire lives underground, so wide open spaces frighten them. This is the main reason they do most of their business with the surface through the Dwarves of Iron Hall.

Few realize this, but the Tinkers are facing increasing attacks from their lowest mines. They recently uncovered a huge natural cave system, filled with living creatures. The most difficult of these so far have been a race of giant beetles known as Coleopterans. They've yet to establish any kind of dialog. The Tinkers are still hopeful they can end the bloodshed peacefully.

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