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Center for Monster Control

The Center for Monster Control, located on Medusa Island within the city of Medusa, compiles detailed information about monsters of all kinds. This information is available to their members at no charge and to all others for a small fee ($4/hour).

Members of the League of Adventurers make up 90% of the members of the Center. Nearly all League members have joined.

The Center occasionally buys the bodies of monsters, for the sake of study. Live monsters are even more highly valued.

Members can buy traps of all kinds and other monster hunting/handling supplies at a 10% discount. Members of both the League and the Center can buy them for 25% off.


New members must pay a fee of $10. Additionally, all members must have first-hand knowledge of a monster, usually from fighting them.

The Center holds weekly meetings during which new information is gathered. All members are asked to attend as often as possible, so that others might benefit from their experience.

If a member misses meetings for three months straight, then they'll be required to pay for access to information on monsters until they've attended a meeting. Sending notes on monsters by mail is a suitable substitute for meeting attendance, but is not preferred, since it doesn't allow for question and answer sessions.


The current leader and founder of the Center is Zana Brouillard of the Monster Mashers. She established the Center to give adventurers a better chance of survival when dealing with monsters.

It's rumored that she can train just about any creature, just so long as it's capable of learning.

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