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Halflings are fairly common through-out the Archipelago, but they don't seem to have their own government or island. Occasionally, they have their own villages, however.


Furchin (Polar Halfling)

The Furchin are arctic-dwelling Halflings that are well adapted to their cold environment. They favor fur-lined, warm clothing and live a nomadic life, following herds of tundra-dwelling animals from one place to the next. During the summer they live in leather tents, but build igloos for winter.


Hairfoot are the most common sub-race of Halfling.

Some of the best inn-keepers, anywhere, are Hairfoot Halflings. This seems to be an industry they thrive in. They also make good farmers.

They get along well with Humans.


Stout Halflings share much in common with Dwarves and often have alliances with them for the sake of mutual protection. Where Hairfoot are lazy and like to lead a softer way of life, Stout are more accustomed to back-breaking hard work, like mining.


Tallfellow, on the other hand, live in woodlands, where they have easy access to wood to build with.

They get along well with Elves, Faeries and Sylvan creatures.

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