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Pixies are tiny (6 inch tall) humanoids with colorful insect wings on their backs that resemble dragon fly wings.

Pixies are naturally invisible, but can turn visible at will. This is another property of their wings. They control this ability by curling their wings in a particular way. Unfortunately, these magical properties have caused many to hunt Pixies, as their wings can be ground into a fine powder and sprinkled over people or objects to make them invisible.

Gnomes and Pixies get along quite well, due to a shared love of pranks. People that invade their territory will be subject to some of the more deadly pranks they have at their disposal.

Pixies live much like humans, only on a much smaller scale. They live deep within forests, in well-hidden villages that are incredibly difficult to find. They've also been known to engage in seamanship on lakes that are near their villages. They do this for the purpose of shipping goods back and forth between their villages.

Pixies are quite common in the forests of Medusa Island. The largest collection of villages is known as the Strawberry Empire.

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