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Strawberry Empire

The Strawberry Empire is tiny Brownie/Pixie kingdom hidden deep within one of the forests of Medusa Island, named for the wild strawberry patch that grows in and around the villages.

The Empire is ruled by a hereditary Pixie queen known as the Strawberry Empress. The current queen is unconcerned with matters of the world outside her empire and wishes only to keep her people safe and well-hidden. She is somewhat xenophobic.

However, due to recent trends involving her citizens leaving to seek their fortunes, the Empress has grudgingly made a treaty with the League of Adventurers. In exchange for a steady supply of fresh strawberries (the Empire always has more than they need), the League now offers the Empire protection. The League has never been called on to fulfill their end of the bargain, but is always ready to receive a messenger or other diplomatic envoy.

Only Pixies and Brownies are allowed within the borders of the Empire. Trespassers are dealt with harshly, usually via the Pixie's Curse Spell, imprisonment and/or forced labor. Animals that wander near are either shrunk and domesticated or driven off by Pixie archers.

The Empire is centered around a small lake that's filled with tiny, toy-like sailing ships manned by mixed Pixie and Brownie crews, for the sake of trade and shipping between the Empire's villages.

Citizens of the Empire that leave it's borders are usually given the suggestion that they visit the Knight of the Post, as the tavern and inn cater to the “little folk.” Issvarti, the tavern's bouncer, is quite protective of them. He's the only one of the “big folk” to ever gain the trust of the Empress. How he accomplished this is a matter of some heated debate. Issvarti won't say.

Most humans consider the Empire little more than a joke. This is a gross underestimate of how dangerous a group of easily-annoyed Pixies and Brownies can be, especially considering the fact that their queen is a xenophobe, willing to believe the worst about outsiders.

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