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The Gem Show

This is a set of notes and converted characters for using the adventure titled The Gem Show from the AD&D 2nd Edition Book Den of Thieves. These notes will allow you to easily make use of the adventure in Islands of War.

Back Story

There are a number of islands that are appropriate venues for this adventure:

    • The show is patrolled by Wizard's Guild golems.
      • Golems aren't smart enough to do this alone.
      • Take Two: The show hires a few Mercenaries.
    • The Tinkers would be running the show.
      • The adventure will take place in one of their underground cities.
    • Take Two: They patrol the show with their own soldiers and possibly some illusionists.
      • The PCs might end up stealing some illusions of gems instead of real gems.
      • The risk of injury is quite a bit higher with this scenario, as the Tinker soldiers have automatic firearms.
    • This would be held in the capitol city, Medusa.
    • Take Two: The show hires the Hazard Harbingers.
      • The Harbingers would be a good opponent for a powerful group of thieves.
      • The League assigned the Harbingers, because the show is on their own soil and they want nothing to go wrong.

Take One

The thieves are members of the Shadowed Eyes. The group is composed of six Shadowed Eye Thieves and one Shadowed Eye Team Leader.

The pay is $300, but can be negotiated as high as $1500.

Take Two

Track down GCS files for whichever guards you're planning to use on the pages linked to above, depending on what island is hosting the show.

Character Sheets


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