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City of Therica

The City of Therica is the capitol city of Theris and the largest city on Theris Island. It's also the main port and center of trade for the island. It's bordered by the ocean to the west and surrounds a decent-sized bay.

The center of the city itself is a tall hill with the royal palace at the top. Surrounding this is the oldest section of the city known as Old Town. The area beyond Old Town is highly residential. The port, however is a very busy place.

The Hall of Judgment is situated on the east edge of the city and serves as a secondary defensive position. To the north lies the Air Strip.

Old Town

Old Town has a high wall separating it from the rest of the city and well-guarded gates. The older noble families live in a neighborhood of their own within the walled section. There are also facilities designed for long-term food storage that are used in case of a seige.

However, the greater portion of Old Town has become a thriving market-place.

During times of crisis, the residents of the city are encouraged to take shelter within the walls for the sake of defense.

The Aqueducts

Most are not aware of this, but there is a rather extensive network of water-ways beneath the city, designed by High Flyer engineers and built by Dwarves. These are attached to fairly normal-looking wells through-out the city. The Aqueducts are fed by an underground river and artificial lake.

All entrances to the Aqueducts are carefully locked, guarded and patrolled, due to a recent tunneling expedition by Advanced Goblins. The Dwarves and Gnomes that maintain the tunnels managed to contain the intruders and press them back. This was only possible due to a timely warning from the King, based on a precognitive flash he received as he touched some of the paperwork involved in the maintenance of the tunnels.

The engineers are currently putting together an exploratory assault force to investigate the Goblin tunnel.


Many businesses call Therica home. The most notable follow:

The Thirsty Rose

This combination tavern/flower shop, located near the docks, attracts men that anger their wives by drinking too much. Sandra Langford, the owner, has discovered that suggesting the purchase of flowers to drunken men that have stayed out too late tends to increase her profits. She's a spectacular bartender, capable of an entertaining combination of acrobatics, bar-tending and juggling.

Mrs. Langford has invented a number of completely legal schemes that practically ensure her customers stay in the tavern far too late. The most successful of these is her “jolly sing-along rule” which states that no one can leave the tavern until the current drinking song has been finished. It's more like a guide-line, but everyone has so much fun with it that it's generally observed. She tends to make sure everyone starts singing whenever anyone starts checking the time.

She's well-known as the most persuasive member of the local Chamber of Commerce. She's capable of convincing perfectly reasonable people of behaving in unreasonable ways, if she needs to. Many believe her to be more persuasive than the average Nymph, despite the fact that's she's only human.

She keeps a clean tavern and anyone caught making a mess or otherwise causing trouble will quickly find themselves pinned to the wall or their chair by a knife through their clothes. She seems to enjoy pinning men to the wall by the inner thigh of their pants, as close to the groin as possible. As an alternative for trouble-makers that aren't near enough to anything to be pinned, she'll attack belts or shirt buttons, as the means to embarrassment. So far, she hasn't yet drawn blood.

Anytime the tavern starts getting rowdy, she starts juggling knives. This is a nearly universally-understood signal that's she's just about ready to begin throwing them.

Rumors abound that she's a Shadowed Eye, but no real proof has ever been found.

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