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Lost Gardens

The Lost Gardens consist of a Hedge maze garden with regular open areas. They're located on Medusa Island a short stroll away from the Cave of the Nine.

Each of the open areas feature a statue with a terribly ghastly look of horror frozen on it's face. As it turns out, most of these are people turned to stone by the island's original owners. The Gardens use their entry fee ($15) as the means to return these unfortunate victims to life.

The statues are well maintained and regularly waxed to protect them from the weather. They're generally able to restore one to life each year.

Part of what they do in this process is to have the statues replaced with duplicates made by skilled artists, so that they won't lose the customers that allow them to do this in the first place.

Visitors to the island go out of their way to visit this garden, partly to help and partly due to a grim form a fascination with the subject matter (most have never seen a petrified person).

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