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For a little background information on Modrons, go here, visit their wikipedia entry, or visit the Books page for recommendations on books to buy. The books have quite a lot more information.

One-hundred years ago, a new island suddenly appeared, just north of Skull Atoll, at least if you could call it an island. It's actually a huge metal cube that's been inexplicably dumped into the ocean, with about ten feet above water.

Those who have visited the island call it the Modron Cube and report that it's manned by Modrons, a strange species of extra-planar beings that are supposedly the embodiment of Law itself. The Law Keepers are on good terms with them and some of them now worship the Modrons.

No one is quite sure why they're here, but they're filling the role of a high-end arms dealer, selling to whomever will pay their prices. They sell everything from high quality swords, bows and crossbows to metal boats and under-sea boats they call submarines. They also sell explosives similar to Gnomish bombs, but these are much more stable.

They occasionally rent their boats out for short periods of a few months.

They'll even hire out their people if the reasons for the hiring are lawful and orderly (from their perspective). Their engineering teams are capable of amazing feats. Examples of their work may be found in the many artificial islands that support the bridge between Iron Peak and Crescent Island. They have a permanent presence on one of these islands, where they've set up a small port city complete with an impressive dry dock facility.

The Modrons refuse to bargain over their prices. They insist that their prices are fair and lawful and that's always the end of it. They won't even accept tips. However, they will occasionally barter when a client is unable to pay in cash, depending on their own needs. If they do not need what the client is offering, they will not make the deal.

They do not normally involve themselves in the politics of the region.

The Dock

The top ten feet of the Modron Cube functions as a docking facility, including full dry-dock capabilities. The dock and all associated ships are overseen by four Pentadrones.

The Modrons will repair any ship that docks for a fee similar to that available on other islands, but the quality of their work is much higher.

Modron Ships

Their ships have no sails, instead relying on small spherical Modrons to turn a pair of shafts that run the length of the vessel, eventually coming out the back with a flanged bit of metal on them. They call this a propeller and it somehow moves the ship. Some have been concerned that this is a form of slave labor for the little ones that drive the ships, but the other Modrons assure them this is not the case. The little ones never seem to tire and they never complain even the slightest bit. Others have begun to suspect that they're golems.

Modron ships are the only ones capable of traversing the region during winter; their vessels magically generate a warming effect on contact with ice that immediately melts it. They also have a well-regulated internal temperature below decks. Their submarines can navigate under the ice and melt their way free when desired.

These ships are flat and wide, with a very low draft, gliding over the water much like a canoe. On the other hand, they require careful balancing of cargo or they'll tip over, as they have no keels. These facts together make them exceptionally fast. They are in fact, the fastest ships in the entire Archipelago.

The submarines on the other hand, are much slower.

As for armaments, the ships carry four catapults that can fire whatever is needful, including Modron boarding parties or explosives. The submarines are unarmed, but have tough hulls used for slamming into the wooden hulls of other ships.

Modron ships that are sold or rented always come with a complete crew who will do whatever is asked of them, no questions asked, although sometimes, the interpretation of their orders tends to be quite a bit more lawful than expected.

For example, a Modron crew was once ordered by their Pirate commander to raid a village for food that was badly needed for his human sailing ship crew, as they were starving to death.

The Modron submarine crew drove up a river, surfaced in a lake near the village, marched out and approached a farmer's market.

The lead Modron spoke, “We are raiding this village. We wish to purchase food for our employer.”

After several confused moments from those running the market, the Modrons paid for the food, loaded it in the submarine and left without incident.

Their commander was upset with them for using his loot to purchase the food instead of stealing it like he'd wanted, but in the end decided not to push the point, since he already knew arguing with Modrons is pointless.

Surface Ships

There are two drive shafts run by sixteen Monodrones each. Each drive shaft crew is commanded by a Duodrone. There is normally a second pair of drive shaft crews, to serve as a backup and to handle the other tasks required for shipboard life. The Duodrone crew leaders report to two Tridrones that serve as the ship's First Mate and Navigator. Finally, a Quadrone serves as Captain.


These short-term vessels are manned by eight Monodrones that run the drive shaft. They're commanded by a Duodrone. Finally, the submarine is commanded by a Tridrone that acts as both Captain and Navigator. Normally, these vessels are towed by a larger vessel into their operational area and then deployed.

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