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Dragon Slayers

The Dragon Slayers are an organization for knights who have slain a dragon. They all wear plate armor styled to look like a dragon.

The title of Dragon Slayer is enough to make just about anyone cringe, either in fear or awe. Killing a dragon is never easy.

They have regular social events and an annual ball that everyone in the Archipelago wants to get invited to. It's the party to attend for everyone who's anyone. This is known as the Draconian Ball, and is hosted in their castle on Medusa Island, the Dragon's Fortress.


Gaining membership is fairly simple. Any warrior may bring proof that they've slain a dragon to the Dragon's Fortress and then they'll be given the opportunity to purchase the distinctive armor.

This armor is purchased as ornate (see p. DF1:27), granting a reaction bonus from +1 to +3.

In addition, PC Dragon Slayers must put points into at least one level of Social Regard (Feared).

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