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Beginner's Luck

Adventuring Party is in trouble. They've failed in their last two assignments and need some on the job training from a more experienced group. Their sponsor begs the PCs to nurse-maid them through a supposedly simple dungeon delve involving Goblins. It turns out to be not so simple, after all, as Goblicus has recently become much more organized and formed the Goblin Legion. On top of this, there's a brutal civil war being fought amongst the goblins, due to their new leader.

Back Story

Adventuring Party has been screwing up every assignment they've been given lately. The PCs may even have encountered them recently during the adventure, The Mercenaries (where they screwed up). Even before this streak of failures, they were making big blunders through the midst of their successes.

Their sponsor, Wilhelm of the Magnificent Five, has grown quite concerned, because if they fail another mission, they'll likely be drummed out of the League. This would reflect poorly on him for sponsoring them in the first place, so he's decided to hire the PCs to walk them through a milk-run.

In the past, Goblicus has been a good place for young adventurers to cut their teeth, so he decides to send them in to clean out a goblin hidey-hole. This should theoretically be simple, easy and give them some good experience, while the PCs hold their hands.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, as the goblins have been organised into a nation of their own, the Goblin Legion. This is a relatively unknown fact, since from an outside perspective it hasn't made that much of a difference. However, the situation has gotten worse; their ruler, Charda, just returned a few weeks ago.

Currently, the goblins have split into two factions, those that fear Charda too much to disobey, and those that want things back the way things were before she took over. On short order, they had their own private civil war.

Through sheer bad luck alone, Wilhelm has chosen the same goblin hidey-hole that Charda keeps her throne in.

Adventure Synopsis

  • Wilhelm hires the PCs.
  • The PCs and their “students” show up on Goblicus.
  • They skirmish with some goblins on shore.
    • These are rebels.
    • The crest on their shields is a sword being stabbed into a goblin's belly.
  • They enter the designated cave and encounter more goblins.
    • These are loyalists.
    • They've been eating very well.
      • They're cooking meals that resemble human-made dishes.
        • Bread, cheese, soup, etc.
      • They're all fat, including the children.
  • They delve deeper and encounter two groups of goblins fighting.
    • This is loyalist vs. rebel.
    • They turn on the PCs and fight together against the common foe.
  • They delve deeper still and encounter some incredibly tough goblin zombies.
    • These are Charda's super zombies!
      • Their shields have many different crests.
        • Bloody fist
        • Lightning bolt
        • Bloody sword
        • Two fists pressed together
        • Rock being smashed by a fist
        • Whip striking a goblin's back
    • The PCs should come out of this heavily battered.
  • Hopefully, they'll retreat.
    • If they don't they'll have to face Charda and her elite guard in a very weakened state.
  • They get out while the getting is good.
  • They return to Wilhelm and report what happened.
  • After some discussion, they all decide to report this to the League's governing council.
  • The council is troubled by this news, but thanks the group for discovering this new turn of events.
  • Wilhelm pays the PCs.

Starting the Adventure

If you're fond of the standard tavern hook, read this (if not, throw in an encounter with Wilhelm along the road or something):

As you enter the tavern, a slightly-familiar fellow in a leather jacket waves you over to his table. As you get closer, you can see that this is Wilhelm of the Magnificent Five! He's a pretty famous guy in the League. You've bumped into him before, but mostly he's just famous for being weird.

He calls out, “I'll buy you some drinks if you listen to a job offer!”

Wilhelm will insist that he treat the PCs to “a good round of drinks” before discussing business. His definition of a good round of drinks is approximately five rounds of the strongest whiskey in the bar. If you like, you can look up the rules for drinking and have some fun role-playing this encounter. If the PCs refuse the drinks, Wilhelm will get drunk on his own and forget all about the job offer until morning.

Don't forget Wilhelm's tendency to start philosophical debates while drunk.

So, the PCs will wake up with a splitting headache and ask Wilhelm about the job then, or he'll get too drunk to discuss it. Either way, the discussion will continue in the morning. If the PCs get drunk, feel free to throw in some random tattoos or the like. Wilhelm is a Weirdness Magnet, after all.

Read this once the actual discussion has begun:

Wilhelm begins, “I've got a little bit of a problem with a group that I'm sponsor to. They're not doing well and I think they need to get some pointers from an experienced group. They've failed their last two League-run missions, and if they fail again, they'll be drummed out of the League. I'd go out with them myself, but my group refuses to help and we've got other missions to take care of. I'm offering five grand to each of you if you'll take them through an easy milk-run. What do you say?”

Wilhelm will not tell them it's Adventuring Party until after they've agreed. He'll insist that it's got to remain a private matter.

He can be bargained up to $6000 each with a good influence roll. This can be done after they've agreed to take the mission if they insist that they don't want to help Adventuring Party.

Getting There

Wilhelm was kind enough to charter a boat for your journey to Goblicus, since no one makes regular stops at the island. It's the Buxom Barmaid, quite possibly the smallest, most rickety boat in the entire Courier fleet.

As you arrive, two sailors carrying buckets of water come topside and pour the contents overboard. Then they head back down.

All the members of Adventuring Party are waiting on the docks as you arrive. They appear to be very confused.

The crew of the ship are being paid to help out with the PCs mission in just about any way they can and are thus fully aware of what's going on. The Buxom Barmaid is the ship that Wilhelm travels on whenever he charters a boat for his own group.

If anyone asks, the sailors are bailing water due to a “minor leak.” This doesn't concern the crew at all, since they're used to it.

Adventuring Party are waiting for the PCs. Wilhelm simply told them to obey the PCs and learn more about adventuring from them. They're not sure what they're even there for. When the PCs approach, each member of the group will start watching the PC that has the most similar role to their own, attempting to study them. Unless told to do otherwise, they'll follow said PC around like a puppy.

Read this once everyone's situated and ready to go:

You board the ship and are quickly on the move. Within a few minutes of getting under way, it becomes obvious that the crew is very competent.

However, you still find the two sailors doing the job of bailing…disconcerting, to say the least.

Throw in some opportunities aboard ship for role-playing. If the PCs don't think of it, one of the sailors will suggest that the PCs have some training sessions with their charges, so they might better gauge Adventuring Party's abilities and learn where they need help most.

There are a few things they can learn here, depending on how they test them:

  • The Modrons haven't been planning their moves very well, instead jumping right in to the thick of things.
    • They have determined (incorrectly) through watching other groups that this is how adventuring is done and are trying to emulate others.
    • Most groups do their planning in private, so the they're totally wrong.
  • Their leader, Sing To It, is chronically depressed and the others aren't in charge. They're good at following orders, but if they're not given any, then they often work at cross-purposes. The others often prod Sing To It into doing the regular, daily life type stuff, but they're not sure what to do past that.
  • Burn It With Fire is insane (delusions, paranoia, pyromania, etc.). This should become obvious early on, as almost anything can set it off into a paranoid episode.
  • Hit It With A Sword is stupid and it knows it. It always defers to it's companions during times where thinking is required. It's also delusional, but not nearly as bad as Burn It With Fire.
  • Shoot It With Arrows is a good, dependable fellow, with a variety of combat-useful skills. It's not good at much else, however.
  • Stick It With A Knife is also dependable and has a variety of skills useful for extra-legal activities. It should become quickly obvious that these skills are almost never used, since all Modrons are very lawful by nature.

The first two points are really what's getting in the way of their success. With a stern talking-to about the need to plan ahead and some form of anti-depression treatment for Sing To It, Adventuring Party could well become an effective group of adventurers.

When the boat arrives at Goblicus, read this:

Suddenly, one of the ship's crew shouts, “Land Ho!”

Moments later, one of them is at your side. He smiles as he speaks, “We're here. We'll be getting into harbour soon and you'll be able to get a good look at your landing point. You'll probably want to plan this carefully, as you'll have to get to shore in a row boat.”

About ten minutes later, the sailors usher you topside and press telescopes into your hands so you can get a better look.

The Captain points to an even smaller ship that's anchored in the harbour and says, “Someone else is already here. We're not sure who they are, since they're not flying any kind of flag. Probably a privately-owned skiff or the like. It's most likely just someone looking to fight some goblins. You adventuring types come here for that all the time.”

Looking through the telescope, you see a black sand beach with a small cave opening at the base of a cliff. There's a fire burning on shore with a variety of cooking gear hung over it.

Off to the left side you see a collection of primitive skin tents. The camp is at least thirty yards away from the cave and bustling with activity.

To the right, the cliff grows higher and eventually reaches out into the ocean, blocking easy shore-line travel. There is a rudimentary dock with a handful of canoes at the base of the cliff wall. It looks to be made from a collection of half-logs lashed together, floating freely on the water.

The Captain points at the cave and says, “You're supposed to clear that cave out. It should be an easy job, but we weren't expecting to see that camp, so be on the look out for trouble. I suppose if you like, you can wipe out the camp before you go in.”

The crew will go along with any plan that isn't crazy. However, they will not fight.

The second ship belongs to Charda. It's a small pirate skiff that is at her beck and call. It's the same ship that originally picked her up from the island to take her away to another island. Once they were out to sea, the crew attempted to rape her and she killed the Captain. He now serves her as a zombie and the crew obeys her out of fear of zombification. They're pretending to be a privately-owned ship and that's what they'll tell anyone that asks. They will not say why their “employer” is on the island, pointing out that their employer prefers their privacy.

The camp is the Rebel Camp detailed below.

Now the PCs will have to get to shore. Let them make whatever arrangements they like. The row boat can hold five regular-size humans without trouble, so two or three trips will likely be required. Proper use of the Observation skill should provide the players with some useful clues as to where they might land safely.

Landing on Shore

They can land just about anywhere, but these options seem obvious, along with their consequences:

  • In Front of the Cave or the Camp
    • The Rebel Camp will attack (with slings) before they reach shore, unless the PCs wait until night-fall.
      • Burn It With Fire will fly over and start attacking them without anyone asking, unless the PCs have told it not to.
    • If they leave the row boat on shore here without taking any precautions, it will be sunken in the harbour while the PCs aren't looking. This will be done either by rebels (if still alive) or a sneaky group from the pirate ship.
  • The Dock
    • The Rebels don't have a clear view of this, so they won't realise it right off the bat if the PCs land here first.
    • Lashing the row boat here is relatively safe.
  • Somewhere Else
    • The PCs might want to land somewhere else and sneak up behind the rebels.
    • There is a secluded lagoon about a half-mile away from the Rebel Camp along the shore.
      • The row boat could easily be dragged ashore and hidden among the trees.
      • Along the way, the PCs will discover the Vegetable Farm (see below) run by the loyalists. As it turns out, the rebel camp is between the cave and this farm, in order to cut them off from their supplies.

Concluding the Adventure

The PCs will eventually get chased out of the cave by super zombies and/or Charda's personal guard. They run back to League HQ to report what happened. Wilhelm pays them.


The Cave

On the shore, amidst the black, volcanic sand, there's a fire pit intended for cooking. There is a great deal of cooking gear hanging over the coals. However, most of it has been either knocked over or smashed. Among the wreckage, you see a half-cooked, un-plucked turkey on a spit, a huge, tipped-over pot of vegetable/meat stew, and there is evidence of some large animal having been buried to cook. This would seem reminiscent of methods used to cook a whole pig at once. The pig is missing, however.

There is a sea-side cave at the base of the cliff, the same that you're supposed to clear. It looks to go upward a bit as it goes in.

This is the Loyalist cave, the same that Charda lives in. Normally, there would be three guards here, but they're currently inside, manning the traps, since their enemies are camped right outside. The goblin are hidden out of sight, high among the rocks where all the pull-ropes for the traps have been run to. There is a ledge that runs the whole length of the entrance area, finally meeting up with the end of the rope bridge (see below) on the other side of the chasm.

The cave is three yards wide at the entrance. The whole of the floor for the trapped parts has been covered in dry grass. This is not wide enough for most winged characters to fly and the rock walls are sheer (-3 to Climbing) and covering in wet moss, giving an additional -3 to climb.

Here's the list of traps:

  • Spear Trap
    • Weighted, swinging spears that have to be triggered manually by pull ropes.
    • Each is triggered separately.
    • 4d impaling damage to an area three hexes across.
  • Covered Pit
    • Two yards wide, 4 yards deep, covered in dry grass.
    • Full of spikes.
    • 8d impaling damage to anyone falling in.
  • Rope Bridge
    • Runs across a five yard deep chasm with a fast river underneath.
    • Rigged to collapse with the pull of a single rope.
    • Anyone falling into the water will end up outside at the waterfall by the Dock. They'll take 7d cutting damage from the sharp (obsidian) rocks as they roll down the cliff into the ocean.
  • Dropping Rock
    • Small boulders rigged to fall with the pull of a rope.
    • 3d crushing damage.
    • Damage is to head unless there's a good reason not.
    • Usually strikes whoever is in front.
  • Fish Oil
    • Stinks really bad.
    • It's made from fermented fish.
    • Anyone struck by it has to roll vs. HT-3.
    • Anyone failing retches for minutes equal to their margin of failure.
    • Anyone with a cast-iron stomach will instead find the odor and flavor appealing.

Successful perception rolls allow a dodge roll for active traps. Passive traps can be avoided with a success.

Here's the order of the traps and their arrangement, along with some land marks:

  • Entrance
    • Spear Trap [Per-4]
      • It swings out from behind an overhanging rock.
  • Ceiling gets very high and dark with shadows
  • Dry grass begins
    • Covered Pit on left [Per-1]
  • Cave turns right, sound of rushing water is barely audible ahead
    • Dropping Rock [Per-5]
      • Just past the corner.
    • Spear Trap [Per]
      • Swings down from a pole between the ledge above and the opposite wall.
      • One yard past Dropping Rock.
    • Covered Pit on right [Per-2]
      • Just past the Spear Trap.
  • Cave goes straight for ten yards, sound of rushing water gets stronger
    • Spear Trap [Per-2]
      • Swings sideways across cave.
      • Those on the extreme right side can't be hit.
      • Will be triggered to strike at least two party members if possible.
    • Fish Oil [Per+1]
      • Two yards past spear trap
      • This will be flung by a goblin such that it will hit the whole party
    • Dropping Rock [Per-2]
      • Another two yards further
    • Covered Pit in the middle [Per-4]
      • Three yards further from Dropping Rock
  • Sound of rushing water grows quite strong ahead
    • Rope Bridge
      • It will take some kind of appropriate skill roll and an inspection to determine the bridge is rigged.
      • The goblins will drop the bridge once the majority of the party is on it, but before anyone reaches the other side.
    • Make sure you point out the path going up, over the chasm and back toward the entrance into darkness.
      • If the PCs investigate and are quick about it, they'll find three loyalist warriors who have been pulling the trap ropes.
  • The Kitchen (next section) comes about twenty yards further in after the bridge


If the PCs were noticed on their way in (the most likely scenario), then read this:

This section of cave appears to be a kitchen of sorts. Amazingly, it's even got cupboards and shelves for storing food. In one area you see a long wooden board stretched across some rocks. There are half-chopped vegetables, some small cheese blocks and what appears to be half-kneaded bread dough sitting on this.

Along the back wall, you can see many animals with their throats slit hanging by their feet, so their blood will drain. Under them an array of wash tubs, buckets and even a badly crack bathtub have been placed to catch the blood.

In the center of the room is a large kettle filled with water. It looks like there's some kind of vegetable/meat stew in it. It has handles for carrying, but looks heavy enough that five or six goblins would be required.

In one corner is a vat filled with a sickly-looking, yellow goo. It smells vaguely of rotting fish.

The goblin women in charge of this room have fled deeper, into the Living Space, where the men are.

If the PCs have managed to get this far without making a sound, read this instead:

This section of cave appears to be a kitchen of sorts and it's busy with goblin women! Amazingly, it's even got cupboards and shelves for storing food. In one area you see a long wooden board stretched across some rocks. The women are chopping vegetables on this and others are kneading bread dough. One of them is cutting a block of cheese into small cubes.

Along the back wall, you can see many animals with their throats slit hanging by their feet, so their blood will drain. Under them an array of wash tubs, buckets and even a badly crack bathtub have been placed to catch the blood. Several of the women are busy preparing a large turkey to be hung.

In the center of the room is a large kettle filled with water. It looks like there's some kind of vegetable/meat stew in it. It has handles for carrying, but looks heavy enough that five or six goblins would be required. Two of the women are busy dumping bowls of vegetables in. It looks like they just came from the chopping board, since there are two vacant spots there.

In one corner is a vat filled with a sickly-looking, yellow goo. It smells vaguely of rotting fish. One of the women is stirring this, but she briefly stops, dips a finger in it and then puts it in her mouth. She smiles broadly.

If the women notice the PCs in any fashion, they'll immediately scream and run down the exit leading to the Living Space. The PCs, if so inclined, can easily slaughter them. They won't attack, as they're too scared. There are 30 of them here.

There are three exits, the one on the far right leads to the Natural Lake, the middle one leads to the War Room and the one on the left leads to the Living Space.

Living Space

This room is filled with crude sleeping mats made from grass, with goblins sleeping on them. It also seems to be separated into several distinct groups: children, women and men. There are other, more luxurious sleeping areas, but these are not currently occupied. The most luxurious of these, an actual mattress, has been torn to shreds and scattered about. There are various smashed objects near it that might have been trophies of a sort.

If the PCs weren't sneaky about how they entered, read this:

The men immediately take up a defensive posture between you and the women. The women have placed themselves in front of the children. The men are holding spears and pointing them in your direction.

There are 50 Loyalist Goblin Warriors, 80 Loyalist Goblin Women and 80 goblin children. There would be a handful of elite warriors, but they're currently discussing war plans with Charda, and have been for the past few days.

If the women from the kitchen have been killed already, there will be twenty less. If the PCs threaten the children in any manner, the women will attack, but otherwise, they'll just cower. The children are truly harmless.

Remember their Cowardice! If they lose more than half their number, the men will try to run away. This will require them to run past the PCs. If the men run, the women and children will try to escape, too.

War Room

This is a very large chamber that looks like it could hold multiple goblins tribes at once. Within, you see what appears to be goblins from two different tribes fighting!

Roughly half of them are fighting with spear and shield, while the rest are fighting with spears alone, making smooth, flowing motions as they switch from defence to attack and vice-versa.

Emblazoned on the shields of those that use them is a goblin being stabbed in the belly with a sword.

Those with the shields seem to be losing the fight, as they're carefully withdrawing into a freshly-dug tunnel and the floor of the cave is littered with their bodies.

There are 30 Loyalist Goblin Warriors and 30 Rebel Goblin Warriors. Originally, there were 60 Rebels, but they've been badly beaten. The Loyalists haven't lost anyone, as their defensive techniques are too good.

The moment the PCs are noticed, the two groups will stop fighting, stare at each other a moment and immediately turn to attack the PCs together.

The only exception to this would be if the PCs are carrying the spear of the chief of the Rebel Camp. In this case, the rebels will not attack the PCs, but will instead assume the PCs are there to help and will halt their retreat. Then the loyalists will have to fight a battle on two fronts.

There are two exits: the one on the right leads to the Underdark, while the one on the left leads to Zombie Storage. Both are artificial caves.

Natural Lake

The tunnel you're following bends downward at a steep angle, but you can still follow it without resorting to climbing. Eventually,you hear running water ahead and the tunnel widens into a huge chamber with a medium-sized lake in it!

The source of the sound is a waterfall that drops from the ceiling into the middle of the lake. Light filters dimly through it, creating a beautiful, shimmering effect.

Off to the right side of the lake, you see a whirlpool.

At the edge of the lake there's a collection of wash tubs with goblin-sized clothes in them, presumably for washing. The articles of clothing are all made of very coarse cloth.

The waterfall is fed by a top-side river and there's another, much smaller lake on the surface. The whirlpool eventually leads to the chasm with the river that the PCs crossed over earlier.

There is no one here; the women were preparing to wash clothes, but were interrupted by the guards at the entrance raising an alarm. They retreated to the Kitchen and the Living Space.


This tunnel was dug by the Rebels for the purpose of a surprise attack on the Loyalists. It isn't very stable and has been rigged to collapse. Read this if the PCs enter for any reason:

As you enter this rough-hewn cave, it becomes obvious that it's quite unstable. Furthermore, it looks like a rope has been loosely threaded between all the support braces. This rope is in the hands of a goblin at the other end and he's pulling it!

If they don't run out immediately, they'll be buried under a mountain of dirt. There isn't time to reach the other side. The rope is the means for collapsing the cave, just in case the Rebels need to get to safety quickly. The goblin at the other end is the chief of the Rebels that were fighting in the War Room. He won't trust the PCs for any reason, as he's had bad experiences with adventurers in the past.

This tunnel will also be collapsed if the Rebels complete their retreat, preferably with the Loyalists still inside.

Zombie Storage

This huge, rough-hewn room is filled with decaying goblin corpses. There's hundreds of them, complete with weapons and armour. They all have shields, with various symbols on them: bloody fist, lightning bolt, bloody sword, two fists pressed together, a rock being smashed by a fist, and a whip striking a goblin's back. The bodies are in six separate, distinct groups, each with a different symbol on their shields. Could they be from different tribes and what are they doing here?

Phew! You thought they smelled bad while they were alive! They're even worse when they're dead!

This is Charda's Zombie army. There are 300 Tribal Goblin Warrior Super Zombies and 6 Tribal Goblin Chief Super Zombies. They're arranged into groups of 50 warriors with one chief each.

She's taken to having them pretend to be corpses, just in case somebody like the PCs drops by. They will not react to the presence of goblins, so the Rebels actually had half a chance of sneaking through this room, but the Loyalists were in the way.

The zombies have been ordered to get up and attack any intruders (they don't consider goblins intruders), once they get about halfway through the room.

This should be a fight the PCs can't win, so retreat is the only option. It's unlikely they'll be able to discover the one weakness of these monsters (anything corrosive) and exploit it on a scale large enough to stop the whole army. Charda is confident that her army will stop intruders, so she won't come to investigate the noise.

If the PCs aren't careful, they'll be swarmed on short order. Make sure you use the knock-back rules for this fight, as the PCs will have to shove the zombies out of the way to escape.

It should be noted that this room is big enough to fly in (for those that have wings).

The zombies will pursue the PCs as far as the entrance to the room, but no farther, as they've only been instructed to defend the room and Charda herself.

There is an exit on the other side of the chamber that leads to the Throne Room.

Throne Room

Charda's Room

Rebel Camp

This camp is composed of tents made from the skins of animals, stitched together rather badly. There are at least thirty small tents and one large one that could hold a dozen or more goblins.

There are goblins everywhere in the camp, milling about as they eat a roasted wild boar. Each and every one has a weapon in hand. It would seem they're prepared for a fight. They carry shields emblazoned with a goblin being stabbed in the belly with a sword.

Unless the PCs approached stealthily, then read this:

One lone goblin at the edge of camp is facing you. His spear and shield are leaning against a rock and he's urinating.

He sees you and his jaw drops open! He screams at the top of his lungs and points!

This will lead to a fight rather quickly. There are 60 Rebel Goblin Warriors and one Rebel Goblin Chief. The Chief is in the big tent and he wears a hafling-sized, very pink dress (see below for more details).

Remember their cowardice! Any flashy show of magical force will break their ranks easily. They will begin to flee if they lose more than half their numbers.

At the middle of the camp (not visible from the edge) ten fat goblin women have been tied up. They've been beaten, tortured, whipped, etc. They're loyalists captured from the Vegetable Farm (see below). If the PCs untie them, they'll run screaming into the cave.

If the PCs speak goblin, show submissiveness (kneeling, looking at ground, etc.) and immediately seek an audience with the chief, they'll have their weapons taken away and then they'll be roughly hauled into the biggest tent, where they'll be dumped in front of the chief, a goblin holding a feather-covered spear and wearing a halfling-sized, very pink dress. The dress is a symbol of status for him, as such clothing is not readily available on the island. He is quite proud of his outfit and will get angry with anyone that laughs. He and his tribe are not aware that it's women's clothing.

The chief will demand to know why the PCs are on the island. If they tell the truth, that they're there to kill all the goblins in the cave, he'll roar with laughter and then shout to his warriors, “Give them their weapons! Let them go!” He doesn't mind the goblins in the cave being killed. If the PCs make his job easier, all the better!

The truth of the matter is that these goblins are laying siege to the cave; the job of this particular group of Rebels is to block the cave from getting fresh supplies, while another entire Rebel tribe is attacking via the Underdark tunnels.

If the PCs ask what's happening, then they'll be told that they're trying to kill all the goblins in the cave, because “they don't live like goblins!” However, they're somewhat embarrassed for ever having allowed a human to take over, so they won't mention Charda. That, and they still fear her a great deal. The bravest Rebel tribe is inside, trying (in vain) to assassinate her.

If the PCs ask for some kind of token they can give to the rebels on the inside, then the chief will toss them his spear. It's adorned with a particular arrangement of feathers that the others will recognise. If they see it being carried by one of the PCs, then they won't attack them unless the PCs give them cause. The chief will, however, insist that they bring it back; he's rather fond of his spear.

If the PCs are particularly persuasive, he'll send four of his warriors “to watch their backs.” They'll do this to the letter, insisting that they take up position behind the PCs. Effectively, they'll use the PCs as human shields, but will offer advice on the layout of the cave and the occasional insight that might be helpful. They will help in battle by keeping the PCs from getting out-flanked if they can.


If you took a big tree, about three feet across, cut it down, sawed it into four-foot wide chunks, then cut those chunks in half from top to bottom, followed by lashing them together in a line, then finally dropping the whole thing in the water, then you'd have a simple dock. This is exactly what the goblins did so they'd have something to tie their canoes to. The end that's on the beach seems to be buried fairly deeply in the black, volcanic sand, so it won't float away.

Nearby, about half-way up the cliff is a waterfall cascading down the rocks. Most of the cliff face is composed of obsidian rocks.

It's not visible above the water, but the dock is actually lashed to some poles made from the branches of the tree that go pretty deep into the ocean floor under it.

Charda ordered this dock constructed so she'd have a good place to get on and off shore.

The row boat can be safely lashed here without trouble.

Vegetable Farm

As you trudge through the trees, you come across a clearing. Coming just a bit closer, you can see what appears to be a simple vegetable farm, with potatoes, tomatoes, corn, lettuce, and a variety of greens growing in abundance.

Off to one side you see several baskets filled with fresh-picked produce. Lying among the baskets is a fat goblin woman, badly injured and bleeding to death. There are many obvious foot prints in the soft soil, as though dozens of goblins were recently here. Several of the baskets have been overturned and the produce squashed.

On the other side of the farm is a small pen of some kind, but the fence has been broken. The ground within is scattered with bird feathers. They could possibly be from turkeys.

This all strikes you as odd; you've never heard of anyone farming and raising animals on this island before, since only goblins live here.

The goblin woman has taken 30 points of damage and has a mortal wound (stabbed through a lung with a spear). If the PCs patch her up, and interrogate her (they'll need to be able to speak goblin), she'll tell them that she was attacked by “another tribe of goblins” who took the rest if the women away. She will not under any circumstances tell them anything about Charda, as her racial Cowardice compels her to never betray Charda, as she (quite rightly) fears Charda would torture her for several days before allowing her to die. She won't mention the conflict between Rebel and Loyalist, either.

The others are being held prisoner at the Rebel Camp.

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