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Here you'll find blog entries describing my random ideas for the Wiki. This is mostly for the sake of brainstorming and should serve to replace the Realms of Randomness page.

The ideas presented here are not necessarily the future of this campaign setting, but I will try to edit the pages to indicate their current status as they are used or abandoned.

Adventure: Witch Hunt

  • The PCs are on their way to somewhere else.
    • Long journey.
    • They find a village just as it's getting dark.
      • “Ah, let's stay here for the night.”
      • “Oh hey, there's a tavern! We can get something warm to eat and a room!”
    • While they're eating, they hear the villagers gossiping about them.
      • They don't realize the story being told is about the PCs.
      • The PCs can take credit for the tale, or a “quiet fellow” can point them out.
      • The “quiet fellow” asks them for their help hunting down a “demon-summoning witch.”
    • Their employer is a warlock (Member of the Behne clan).
      • He's been trying to find and kill a witch (Member of the Bel clan).
      • “I saw her summon a water demon!”
    • They're approached later by the witch.
      • She wants them to help her hunt down a “demon summoning warlock.”
      • “I saw him summon a fire demon!”
    • As it turns out, both of them have been summoning monsters, attempting to frame the other.

Current Status: Unused

2013/07/09 08:38

Adventure: Show on the Road

  • Child of a family of wizards is kidnapped.
  • No one saw it happen except the kid's toys.
    • Group of 10 Action Figures of the most common set.
      • The kid named them.
        • Princess (Miranda)
        • Knight (George)
        • Valiant Steed (Mary)
        • Thief (Sneaky)
        • Wizard (Mr. Magician)
        • Peasants (Joseph, Luke, Valentina and Willow)
          • Two male, two female
        • Dragon (Burnie the Dragon)
    • Perhaps some stuffed animal golems, too?
  • The Princess was instructed long ago by the parents to keep the kid safe.
    • The parents gave her a magic wand that glows brighter when it's pointed in the direction of the kid.
      • This was so she'd always be able to find the kid.
      • The parents trusted it to her so it wouldn't be lost.
        • Then they forgot about it completely.
  • Parents didn't notice that the Action Figures were gone, too.
    • They followed the kidnappers.
    • They're encountered by the PCs on the road, stuck in some mud.

Current Status: Unused

2013/07/09 08:41

Adventure: "Where's my Widgermahoozit?"

  • Ellywick Wimkin of the Goblin Slayers (Pre-Slayer) has lost her uber-gadget (Her Widgermahoozit).
    • She's always loosing it, but it almost always turns up.
    • This time it's really lost.
  • She asks the PCs to find it.
    • The last place she remembers having it was in her laboratory located in There/Not There.
    • It currently looks like a magic wand that gives the user luck when they shake it.
  • She set it down outside on her front porch while testing a new illusion spell.
  • The local kids hang around to watch her illusion tests.
    • One of them picked it up after she went back inside.
  • The Search
    • Most of the following people want something before they'll help.
    • Locals point them to a small, grubby boy that had a wand earlier.
      • Free advice.
    • He lost it to a bully after a beating.
      • Wants the bully beat up. The PCs will have to promise to do something horrible to the bully.
    • The bully sold it to a pawn shop.
      • Wants cash before he'll talk, but threatening him works, too.
    • An illusionist bought it, thinking it might be something interesting.
      • The illusionist wants his money back, before he'll give it up.
      • After many tests, he realized it wasn't entirely magical.
        • He just kind of assumed it was and then started analyzing it.
    • He loaned it to an engineer friend of his who set it on the counter in his lab.
      • The engineer will help them as long as the illusionist is happy.
      • He was planning to analyze it after lunch.
    • His young daughter picked it up, put on a tutu and a pair of fake wings and started playing fairy god-mother to a bunch of toads in the back yard.
      • She wants a “real” magic wand.
      • The toads are a heavily mutated left-over from a magical experiment.
      • They're smarter than normal and very friendly.
      • They make good pets.
    • After an hour or so, she got bored and left it there.
    • One of the toads dragged it off to it's home (a hole in the ground), because it likes shiny things.
      • The toad will try to bite them (it's harmless, but looks just like a poisonous variety of toad) unless they distract it with something shiny.
      • The hole has a few gems and random change in it, too.
      • There's also loads of tinsel and foil candy wrappers.

Current Status: Unused

2013/07/09 08:43


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